A very happy New Year! I still have very limited internet access here in snowy Wisconsin, but should be up & running at home by Saturday. Hopefully, fingers crossed. If you’re trying to get a hold of me, for whatever… Continue Reading

Engineering Cats

For your amusement, while we’re driving: (h/t to Sandy for this one!) and here’s one for the dog folks (h/t to Lena):

Kenosha Again

Not only are we in Kenosha again, but we’re staying at the same hotel (which was planned) *and* in the exact same room (which was not planned). The boys have been fantastic, mostly sleeping for the trip. & I’m glad… Continue Reading

Leaving (Not on a Jet Plane)

So how many of you will be humming that song the rest of the day now? We’re leaving today for Appleton, Wisconsin, where I’ll be living for the next six months. It’s so odd that I have never lived anywhere… Continue Reading


Okay, then. I am packed for six months for me & the boys: six pieces of luggage, three boxes, two crates, two backpacks, and one laundry thingy. Plus Betty’s stuff, the cats in one carrier, & some other odds &… Continue Reading


Here’s my nomination for weirdest product of the year, but the best part of the website isn’t the godawful promo videos, which are hilarioius, but the * on the Instructions page that actually says: * Bumpits are not edible. Yours?


One of the partners on our MHB boards mentioned recently that she’d never apply for an LGBT scholarship, because she doesn’t identify as LGBT, and it reminded me that I never told the story about me & the LGBT Blogger… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to all! (Not safe for work!)

To the Femmes

As a little Christmas present to my lovely wife, and to all of you lovely femmes out there, I thought I’d post this lovely piece I found about a month ago & have been meaning to link to. = and… Continue Reading


One of my Christmas presents to myself is the news that this journal picked up a piece of mine that will show up in their Spring issue. It’s called “Cat of Nine Tale” — and yes, it is about DO… Continue Reading

Girl Reader

From an article in the December 2008 Atlantic Monthly about why teen girls love vampires: The salient fact of an adolescent girl’s existence is her need for a secret emotional life – one that she slips inot during her sulks… Continue Reading

Happy Chanukah

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah: peace to all of my Jewish friends who will light that first meaningful candle tonight. Chanukah lasts 8 nights, which means this year it will last past the 12 days of Christmas, up… Continue Reading

Tune In

Tune in tonight to TransFM for the special “12 Days of Christmas” greeting from us!

Nobody Says It Better

Rachel Maddow on the Rick Warren decision: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Ready for WI

So I’m crazy, apparently, full on. Today it snowed and sleeted and hailed in Brooklyn, but mostly it started as snow, & it was beautiful to wake up with our trees – out the front window & the back –… Continue Reading

Congrats to Diego Sanchez

Congratulations to Diego Sanchez for his new appointment as Barney Frank’s senior policy advisor. There are misgivings, of course, precisely because Sanchez has worked with HRC & crossed picket lines in SF to speak at an HRC dinner (when even… Continue Reading

Party with MHB

Some of the lovely folks at the MHB forums went out tonight for a little holiday gathering – dinner & conversation followed by drinks at a bar on 14th Street – and it was truly lovely. Thank you all for… Continue Reading


How exciting is this? A book called Tomboys: A Literary and Cultural History. Random page quotes: “The link between childhood tomboyism and adult homosexuality might seem to have eradicated this code of conduct from American literature and culture, but the… Continue Reading

Holiday Angst

There is something about the Christmas season that makes you think about life in sad ways. I had a friend visiting not too long ago who had just heard that a friend of hers had decided to have a baby… Continue Reading

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