I realized the other day that the reason it drives me crazy to have clothes of various sizes around – because of weight gain/loss – is because it’s new to me. Throughout my 20s I was around the same size – or rather, I didn’t change sizes, but always had some clothes that were tighter or looser, depending on the cut of the clothes or how much I was working out, but everything fit. That’s another way of saying, I suppose, that my weight range was probably within 10 lbs., not 25 as it is now.

So for those of you who have dealt with this before – and I know some of you have dealt with it all your lives – what do you do? When you’re dealing with a variation of three goddamn sizes, 2/3 of the clothes you own don’t fit at any given time. Is this why women say ‘fuck it’ & just go with their largest size? Or does that lead to still larger sizes? Do you actually get rid of the smaller-sized clothes, knowing they’ll most likely be out of fashion by the time you lose the weight anyway? Please, folks, advice. I’m tired of digging through 800 articles of clothing to find the stuff that fits me right now.

& I know: the best answer would be to lose the weight. But having taken off & then put back on 25 lbs. last year, I’m not feeling horribly optimistic about the prospects just now and I still need to get dressed every day.