Hey, it’s actually cold outside! Finally! Though it is funny, traveling between Andover (which is near the border of New Hampshire) and New York, as it feels like I’m going through the change of seasons twice: leaves were changing up there when they were still green in Brooklyn, then they were falling off up there while changing color down here, and now, I expect, it will be genuinely cold up there while it’s still getting cold down here. I assume I’ll see snow on campus before I see it in Brooklyn, too. Interesting. It’s like traveling back & forth in time, kinda.

& I assume I’ll feel like I’m traveling back (or forward?) to the Ice Age when I move to Wisconsin. I did already buy a pair of waterproof boots, light green Timberlands, off Ebay.

(Someone remind me to post about the lectures I did at Merrimack, and about Betty’s visit to my class, please. I keep forgetting.)

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  1. I was up in that neck of the woods last week for Thanksgiving–I drove past Merrimack a couple times. I did get cold. I think it made it down into the teens one night.

    But that’s nothing compared to Wisconsin. Be prepared for negative teens.

  2. Aw, common, Caprice! Our teens have very positive outlooks.

    Oh. *those* teens. Yeah. Well, the river started freezing today, which on the one hand is an indication of how cold it is, and on the other hand a harbinger of the river otter and bald eagle return.

    Still damn cold today, though.

  3. Today I woke up to 11 degrees, we actually reached a high of 28. Next week they say we’ll reach single digits around 9. So be prepared. They say it’ll be a cold winter here in Wisconsin. Don’t for get your hat and gloves. We really need more snow to enjoy the cold weather.

  4. Yes, the keys to enjoying the upper midwest in winter are the right gear and snow. Down is a good addition to any wardrobe. You’ll like it Helen; it’s the land of sensible shoes!

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