Goodbye November

I love this shot of the boys, with Aeneas in overexposed close-up and Endymion hidden in the dark background.

Crossdressing Erotica Tonight

Tonight, do come to a crossdressing event at the LGBT Center in NYC. Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Crossdressing: Erotic Stories book is the reason for the gathering. I’ll be reading, as will Miss Vera, amongst others. Where: LGBT Center, West 13th… Continue Reading

Guess Who’s Reading?

It turns out at least one of my students has now discovered this blog. I don’t know if others have but this one student quoted Barbara about being a CD on Halloween in a recent paper. As much as I… Continue Reading

Smells Like Fish

Is anyone else horrified by Vagisil commercials? The most recent one has a woman in it who is all dressed up but sees her own reflection as looking crummy, in a hoodie. And why does she feel that way? Because… Continue Reading


Hey, it’s actually cold outside! Finally! Though it is funny, traveling between Andover (which is near the border of New Hampshire) and New York, as it feels like I’m going through the change of seasons twice: leaves were changing up… Continue Reading

To Sleep, Perchance to Sleep Some More

So this break it’s like I finally stopped doing stuff long enough for my body to let me know I’m exhausted. I came home & slept & slept & slept. I woke up, worked for a client, slept. Did some… Continue Reading

Cold Case

I was talking to my mother the night before TDOR, about all the stuff trans people often need to do, the legal stuff, the ID changes, sometimes the medical issues, and she mentioned that she was really touched by a… Continue Reading

Another Goth Christmas

So it turns out Tim Burton has re-made Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, with Johnny Depp (of course) playing Sweeney Todd… but who knew he could sing? Apparently he didn’t. & It’s coming out on Christmas… Continue Reading

Let the Boys Show You…

… what we all should be doing the day after Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

A very happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there! Tolerate your family even if you can’t enjoy them! & Don’t eat too much! & Don’t drive drunk, please.

Remember We’re Living 2007

The Transgender Day of Remembrance fills so many of us with fear and sadness, and while I think it’s a vital part of the trans community’s consciousness raising, I also think we need to celebrate who we are, the victories… Continue Reading

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2007

For this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance, FORGE, a group out of Wisconsin, has released two new handouts. One is about keeping yourself safe as a trans person – or really as any person. It includes tips like wearing clothes… Continue Reading

Scholarships for T Students

The Point Foundation’s next application season begins January 2nd, 2008, & they are actively seeking trans candidates for scholarships. From The Point Foundation: “With Point Foundation, the “T” in LGBT is not just an afterthought. They really mean it,” states… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Tink & B.

A Note from the Author: Just a couple of things I want to say first. As one of the conditions for this is no names, I shall refer to my beloved in boy format as B*. This stands for Beloved.… Continue Reading

14, Now

Since July of this year, 8 more states have said no to the abstinence-only Federally-funded sex education. The most recent, #14, is Virginia. Go Governor Kaine! Let’s keep it going! Write to your state legislators & tell them you want… Continue Reading

Gagged Twice

The Global Gag Rule, which feminists have been pointing out is bad news especially for the world’s poorest women, isn’t just about abortion. It’s about birth control, and family planning, which the very poorest women often need the most. For… Continue Reading

Mara Keisling on C-SPAN

If you haven’t seen it yet, Mara Keisling’s appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal last week is worth viewing, and apparently isn’t going to be online forever, so do go watch it within the next week or so. (You want the… Continue Reading


Well, we’ve slipped. The U.S. has gone from 25th to 31st in economic gender equality. But yeah, there’s no need for feminism in America. None at all.

TV Boyfriend (No, Not That TV)

My friend Guy always refers to the men he has the hots for on TV (& the more-than-occasional musician) as his “TV boyfriends.” I know there’s a guy from Grey’s Anatomy that made the list lately, but I never watch… Continue Reading


If you do use our boards – even just to read & lurk – please consider subscribing. It’s not required, but it is helpful for us to offset our costs and time. You can also make a one-shot donation, if… Continue Reading