Happy Halloween!

It’s International Crossdressing Day! The day all women dress like tramps, & all the men dress like women. Okay, not all. But a lot. Have fun. Don’t drink & drive.

Merrimack Lecture

If you’re in the Boston area, I’m going to be delivering a lecture at Merrimack College (where I’ve been teaching this semester) on Tuesday, November 13th, 4-5:30 PM. More info as I get it. & Betty will be with me.

The First Man-Made Man

So I read The First Man-Made Man by Pagan Kennedy not long ago, and I’m going to ‘fess up: this book really bothered me. The research seemed solid. The topic was interesting & book-worthy. But it was also somewhat repetitive,… Continue Reading

Being LGBT Globally

This list was compiled by Chuck Laird from information he found at Wiki. Algeria – A Fine to 3 Years in Prison Angola – Labor Camps Antigua and Barbuda – 15 Years in Prison Bahrain – A Fine to 10… Continue Reading

MF Church, More Like

Oh, the Catholic Church. They’re selling off the nuns’ homes in Santa Barbara in order to pay the victims of pedophile priests. & Yes, if you’re wondering, the priests do live in homes that can be sold, but of course… Continue Reading

Feminists Have More Fun

As it turns out, a survey has found that “having a feminist partner is linked with healthier, more romantic heterosexual relationships.” The study, published online this week in the journal Sex Roles, relied on surveys of both college students and… Continue Reading

Up Closer & More Personal

As she promised on the air during our last interview, Bonnie Graham of WGBB’s Up Close & Personal is having us back on her show to talk some more about relationships, change, & gender. Do tune in as we’ve got… Continue Reading

Tech is Still a Boy’s Game

According to The San Jose Mercury News: Valley companies based in Santa Clara County ranked dead last in the state, elevating fewer women to executive ranks and corporate boards than any other county. Only 9 percent of companies in the… Continue Reading

Marc Theda Bara Bolan

I did decide, after seeing the Theda Bara documentary, that Marc Bolan was her reincarnation. (Or a better guess is that Bolan knew about Bara, & was borrowing her vamp for his stage persona.) What’s interesting to me is that… Continue Reading

Kids These Days

At least here at Merrimack, they’ve got it good, even though they probably don’t know what’s right under their noses. They get free films, for instance. I’ve been going to see them, which is kind of funny considering I don’t… Continue Reading

Passing (as a Student)

I don’t know what it is about me, but the ladies in the cafeteria & some students (who aren’t in my class) as well as some administrators, seem to think I’m one of the students. It doesn’t matter how I’m… Continue Reading

Writer’s Digest

There’s an article in this month’s Writer’s Digest about “Alternative Fare” and specifically the LGBT markets in publishing, and I was interviewed for the T section. Boyd points out that people of variant sexuality have always appeared in literature. “There… Continue Reading

Gay Men, Sham Marriages, & Anal Sex

Sonia in CO directed me to this interesting selection of YouTube videos by the always-astute Wayne Besen about sham marriages, but what caught her eye, and mine, was the comment by Zeke: Why are discussions about gay spouses and the… Continue Reading

He’s Come a Long Way, Baby

Charles Busch‘s current production of Die Mommy Die! was reviewed in The New York Times today: Directed by Carl Andress, “Die Mommie Die!,” which runs a peppy 90 minutes, is infused with the good-natured comic brio that has made Mr.… Continue Reading

New Piercing

I’m pleased as punch that I got a chance – right after my keynote at Fantasia Fair – not only to meet the Bearded Lady of Provincetown, but to get her to stretch my previous ear piercings so that I… Continue Reading

Elliott Smith is still missed.

It’s been four years since we lost him. If you don’t know his music, buy XO. Or just watch this live performance of one of my favorite songs of his, Waltz #2, while we’re on our way back from Fantasia… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Jeanne & Diana

There are not a lot of stories of successful transsexual / non-trans partner marriages. One recurring theme that I see is the need for pacing. Unfortunately too many trans-partners once they have their epiphany rush like a runaway freight train… Continue Reading

Gentle Giant

Sometimes when Endymion lays around like this, you can see the seam where they stuffed him full of stuffing. Of course he became real a long time ago, since everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He’s kind… Continue Reading

FanFair Workshops

I’ll be presenting a workshop on Queering Your Sexuality today (Thursday 10/18) at FanFair, from 3-4:30, and then presenting my keynote on The Middle Path tomorrow, Friday 10/19. Finally, on Saturday, I do a reading and Q&A about She’s Not… Continue Reading

Sisters Perpetually Indulged

In SF, two of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence received communion, and Catholics – and Bill O’Reilly – are raising a ruckus and talking about “San Francisco values.” The Archbishop who served them has apologized, but a Jesuit theologian commented,… Continue Reading