Indian FTMs

An article predominantly about lesbians and FTMs in India (despite the photo of MTFs dancing) appeared in The Hindu, India’s national paper. The West is blamed for intolerant attitudes:

The hostility to alternate sexualities, LesBIT activists say, is a modern phenomenon. Evidence of lesbian, bisexual and transgender relationships can be found in Vedic literature, tantra, Sufi poetry, and in the ancient sculptures o f Konark and Khajuraho. The criminalisation of gay, lesbian and transgender sexuality is, however, a product of the Victorian morality of British colonialism. What is interesting is that while homosexual marriages are today legally recognised in the United Kingdom, they continue to be criminalised in India.

That is, the Hjira may be evidence of a tolerant past, but their existence doesn’t prove a tolerant present.

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  1. Interesting article, and it’s sad that both trans spectra are being so badly treated by those in power.

    I don’t know what the life of the hijras was like before colonization, but from everything I’ve read the life of hijras, fa’afafine, muxe, ladyboys and travestis is just as much of a gender straitjacket as any other gender category. All of these “third genders” are expected to be attracted to and have sex with men, but are rarely allowed the full privileges of marriage and motherhood. In fact, it almost seems more rigid than a gender binary, because in a gender binary male-bodied femmes can find a place of their own in a whole category of queer nonconformists. I wrote about this in my blog:

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