CO Events

Finally, I have all the details on the stuff we’ll be doing in Colorado! On October 9th, I’ll be speaking at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Where: MSCD Campus, Denver When: Tuesday, October 9th, 1-3PM then, in Boulder: We’ll… Continue Reading

Check In

i’ve had some time to be on the boards this weekend, despite the insanity around what’s going on in Burma & with ENDA – both of which occupied a lot of my time – and it’s nice to get a… Continue Reading

Banned Books Week

Yesterday was the start of Banned Books Week, so go out & buy one of the many books people objected to this year. Among them, the regulars: Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, two by Toni Morrison, and new ones on… Continue Reading

Please Sign

Monks have already been beaten and several people have been killed. Please sign this petition to get the UN Security Council to help protect them, to enable them to peacably assemble, as they have done for the past few weeks.… Continue Reading

Sign On

(1) If you’d like to be added to a letter being sent to HRC from the leaders of the transgender community asking them “for an unequivocal statement that HRC will oppose this new strategy and any bill that is not… Continue Reading

& Now the Bad News

House Democrats are taking out transgender inclusion for ENDA: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Reps. George Miller, D-Martinez, Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., believe that they lack the votes in the Democrat-controlled House to pass… Continue Reading

Aurora the Inconsiderate

The funniest thing about Aurora is that she gets on your desk, as if to hang out with you, but then if you do anything – type, use your mouse, pet her – she attacks your hand.    

Go Go Gowanus!

Betty & I are watching Law & Order SVU – of course that’s what we do when I get home – and we got to see a neighborhood right near us as they chased an ex-IRA hitman around the Gowanus… Continue Reading


from NCTE’s website: Senate Passes Historic Hate Crimes Bill The Hate Crimes Amendment to the Defense Authorization Act (S. 1105) was passed on a voice vote of the Senate today, September 27th.  Immediately prior to the voice vote, a cloture… Continue Reading

Wonky Boards

Our message board are a bit wonky and that may be due to a server upgrade by our hosting company. In the meantime, our own DSL is down so Betty isn’t online. So please hold tight, folks.

Five Questions With… Julia Serano

Julia Serano is a Bay Area slam-winning poet, author, performer, activist, & biologist. She organized the GenderEnders event from 2003 until last year; plays guitar, sings & writes lyrics for her band Bitesize, and oh – has a Ph.D. in… Continue Reading

Hate Crimes Vote – Thursday

ACTION ALERT from the National Center for Transgender Equality On Thursday, the Senate will be voting on Senator Kennedy’s Hate Crimes amendment to the Defense Authorization Act (S.1105). We need you to call your Senators now to urge their support… Continue Reading

Monks Defy Orders

Imagine! Dubya finally said something in public I agree with! Today at the beginning of the UN’s general assembly, President Bush announced tighter sanctions on Burma: He outlined a tightening of financial sanctions on Myanmar and an extension of a… Continue Reading

Turning Over the Rice Bowl

For six days in a row, young monks in Myanmar (Burma) have protested the treatment of monks by the ruling junta – the same junta who put down the protests / revolution of the early 90s, the same one that… Continue Reading

SoCo Keynote: Jenn Burleton

SOUTHERN COMFORT CONFERENCE 2007 KEYNOTE ADDRESS – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2007 One Community, One Family by Jenn Burleton, TransActive Education & Advocacy, Portland, OR Thank you to the organizers of this amazing conference and in particular, Cat Turner, Lola Fleck… Continue Reading

Jerry Sanders Says No Veto

The Republican mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, who opposed same sex marriage when he was campaigning, opted not to veto a bill providing marriage rights to same sex couples on Thursday. Why? Well, his daughter is a lesbian, but… Continue Reading

Cranky Cat

Aeneas, still on his diet, still sitting next to my chair grumpy about not being fed. They are losing weight, though: so far they’ve lost about a pound each. Recently too we heard a huge, raging cat fight out the… Continue Reading

Helen on the Radio Tonight

& I’ve gotten home to Brooklyn in time to rest, eat, bathe, & then head out to be interviewed by Diana Cage on her radio show on Sirius OutQ, at 11PM. (I promise I will not review the history of… Continue Reading

Trans Couples: Natasha & Kyle

“Tranny, 24, slim attractive brunette, seeks fun loving friend for laughter and love.” Hey, every story has to begin somewhere, and this one’s starting with that. It’s the text of a personals ad, submitted to a local free weekly paper.… Continue Reading

Dinner and Conversation

Last night I was taken out to dinner by a partner who is local to where I’m teaching during the week. She told me she was surprised I was willing to go to dinner with someone I’d never met before,… Continue Reading