By a somewhat unusual series of events, I’m going to be teaching a Women’s & Gender Studies class this fall at Merrimack College in N. Andover… Massachusetts. I wasn’t expecting to, which is why I won’t be moving there, which means instead about a six hour commute – that’s one way! – in order to do so. But I couldn’t turn it down, since it would give me the chance to work with the very cool Gordene Mackenzie, of Nancy & Gordene from GenderTalk, as she runs the program there. Since I’m writing again, I’m always pleased to have good writing time – both on the train & during the time I’ll be on campus. I’m very much looking forward to it, and hopefully I’ll get to see some of my friends who live in the Boston area while I’m there.

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  1. Ah yes, N. Andover and Merrimack college! Right around the corner from my old home in Andover. I just hope you’re not driving 6 hours each way every day… That would just suck out loud! I’m in NJ now, but I still make the trip up there to visit my sisters who still live in Andover. Congrats and drive safe! Shorter, easier drive is Merrit to 91, to 84, to 90 (Mass pike) and then 290 through Wochester to 495 north, to the 114 exit (I forget the number, I think it’s 41 but don’t quote me.) Which is Lawrence/North Andover. Follow 114 to North Andover, campus is on your right…

    Mazel Tov!


  2. ah, the big secret (which really isn’t so secret) is that i don’t drive, & as brooklynites, of course, we don’t own a car at all.

    so i’ll be taking the train to boston, & the T between stations, & then a commuter rail to campus. all trains, all the time!

    but i’m only doing the commute once a week, on monday night, & returning to brooklyn thursday after i teach.

  3. I do most of my writing during my commute; it’s been a surprisingly productive time, especially given that it’s only about 20 minutes each way. So hopefully if will work the same for you. (And my suggestion is write on the morning commute, and edit on the evening commute.)

    Anyway, congratulations!

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