Ruining India’s Women

A recent working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) of India has posited that rural women in India, who tend not to be literate, learn a lot if they watch cable:

Women who were exposed to cable television over a 6- to 7-month period in India were less likely to report a preference for sons or complacency with domestic violence, and more likely to report autonomy in household decision-making, according to the working paper. In addition, more girls enrolled in school and fertility rates dropped.

But of course they’re talking about Indian television, not American, so let’s not send them Baywatch.

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  1. Some problems for women in India are cultural, and some are from the West. We are partly responsible for keeping women down over there.
    Here is a story that enrages me. It is about the workers in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh who work at the TOPSHOP (Kate Moss brand) factories.

    What enrages me is not that this sort of thing is happening with TOPSHOP (although that in itself is despicable). It is that this sort of thing happens with most clothing companies and that most Americans don’t bat an eye. We say f*ck the world, as long as we get our cheap clothes.

    — kia —

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