Abstinence Fails Again

Yet another report has come out that abstinence-only education fails our kids; in this case, abstinence-only education has been shown not to prevent HIV infection.

So what I want to know is when we go on the offensive, and start accusing people & agencies who back this bullshit why they want to kill children. Granted, people don’t die of HIV the way they used to, but goddamn, if we can avoid having a kid get a serious, life-long compromised immune system, surely that should be enough reason to get some real sex ed taught, no?

3 Replies to “Abstinence Fails Again”

  1. Can I get a witness? This abstinence obsession is the worst kind of head in the sand ignorant horse shit. For the federal government to blatently skew funding toward those programs is unconscionable.

  2. It’s just like the DARE programs – another “great” concept where we throw money at a program that gives us the opposite result (studies have shown that DARE programs make kids more curious to try drugs, not less).

  3. Tell that to the idiots in the state I live in. They really do believe facts have a liberal bias.

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