Julia Serano Guest Blogging on Feministing

Julia Serano, about Bailey, on Feministing today:

The fact is that when a self-appointed “expert” like Bailey claims that transsexual women transition for purely sexual reasons, and that they are lying if they state otherwise, people will believe him because of his academic/scientist status. The NY Times may try to frame the controversy surrounding Bailey’s book as an example of political correctness run amok, but the truth of the matter is that Bailey himself did exponentially more damage to the field of academic research when he misrepresented anecdotes and innuendos as though they were science.

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  1. “…people will believe him because of his academic/scientist status.” Hmmm, who would these “people” be? Anyone who counts? Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence can see his research is flawed. I dont’ think it has enough weight to do any damage. The people who might believe that tripe might be people who also like Jerry Springer perhaps? His book and his positions just aren’t that compelling, no matter how many letters he has after his name. Are there any other “scientists” or academics out there that people just roll their eyes at? He can go sit at their table in the school cafeteria.

  2. Agreed with Vivazoya. Most of the time I was reading his book was spent bitching and groaning about how his book runs on a totally binary gender spectrum.

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