Dieting Cat

A little late, but not too late as it’s still Friday, here’s Aeneas, looking pissed off because I seem serious about getting them to lose some weight. He hasn’t quite a adjusted to us cutting out the 5PM feeding, so tends to start waiting for the 8PM feeding at about 5:05PM.

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  1. Kitty weight loss tips: Don’t cut out a feeding. Just cut the dry food. Dry food for cats is like junk food, it really does nothing for them except for make them gain weight and possibly lots of nice health problems that go along with that. Instead, feed a little extra weight-control canned food, like W/D from Hills. Its supposed to taste pretty good, too, most cats I know like it.

    Of course, another option is to get a baby kitty for them to play with! Actually, in all seriousness, its kitten season right now and all animal shelters are overwhelmed, esp. the one where I work, KittyKind @ Petco Union Square (shameless plug). Its seems like we’re going to burst at the seams on Saturday mornings.

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