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I got this today from Ana in Brazil (the girl from Ipanema, you could say):

One last thing: regarding your mixed feelings about Betty’s transformation, one of the best metaphors for it was depicted in the “Beauty and the Beast” episode of Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre, directed by Roger Vadin. You know the plot: the beautiful Susan Sarandon is forced to live with the Beast, until the spell is broken, by the power or her sincere love, and — plim! — the beast becomes a Prince Charming (Klaus Kinski) so proud of his just-found looks. But she is unimpressed. “Why?” he aks “don’t you prefer me handsome?”

She replies: “I was in love with the Beast, I don’t know who you are.”

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  1. That is so profound to me. Because we DO see our prior incarnations as our “beast” selves – unlovely and unworthy, since we have such bad feelings about our own bodies and looks. And when we start making that transition, we do start seeing a prince in the mirror for the first time. Since it is so hard, if even possible, for us to be in love with our natal gendered selves, it is almost impossible to imagine that anyone else could be too. This is very poignant and insightful I think, Ana.

  2. even if our husbands hate there male body’s, in most cases that’s the body we love.
    I don’t want a prince/princess.

  3. Of course it’s the body you love, first and foremost because you’re probably a red-blooded heterosexual. Married MTF’s have an annoying obsession with not only expecting their wives to “understand” but to become homosexual at the same time, as if its something a wife could just flip a switch and become. And let’s face it, very few MTF’s–like the female population in general–are sexy enough to turn a hetero girl to homo (as I’ve heard Shania Twain can do!).

    It’s a wonder why any wife would choose to put up with it, especially if they are sacrificing a major part of their sex life–and I mean the kind that only comes from the incomparable thrill of being f****d really good by some manly stud.

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