Blogging for LGBT Families

This year I wanted to talk a little about a lovely couple we know who are currently pregnant with their 1st child, because we love them, & a recent talk with them about their upcoming arrival just made me so angry.

Not at them, of course. Just angry that they have to go through so much legal bullshit to make sure they are recognized as the parents of their child. They have to worry because otherwise the non-birth parent might not be able to pick the kid up at school, or make medical decisions, or even be considered the legal parent if anything were to happen to the birth parent. It goes on & on, all those things straight parents take for granted.

Ironically, of course, it certainly ends up proving exactly how fit for parenthood our friends are. I think the straight folks need a similar test of their own commitment, some days.

I’d also like to thank Betty’s family for being so willing to hear us out regarding Betty’s transness, & despite their world being very different from our own, continuing to support and love their child/sibling no differently than they had before.; and to thank my own family who have been just freaking amazing about accepting all the new wrinkles in our lives.

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