Amtrak, Pt. 2

We depart Cleveland tonight, or this morning, at something around 3am, depending on if the train arrives on time or not (it is, effectively, the same train we got off of Friday morning), and around 10am we’ll be in Chicago.

We went to a lovely fundraiser today for a group who are putting together a diversity conference here in Cleveland the first week of August, and I was so impressed with the idea I have to share it: it was called “A Movable Feast” and three different hosts each served a meal: one appetizers, one the main meal, & the third dessert. You sign up, pay something, the hosts provide the meals, & everyone has a good time while money is being raised for a good cause. At the third house the local City Council member was the host – an out gay man named Joe Santiago, who served in the Navy to boot. It could be a very useful way for people to host for trans issues, since you could provide safe/less public spaces to gather for those who are closeted/private/stealth, but while still providing money for a good cause & getting people to have a good time.

Thanks to all those who met up with us while we were in Cleveland, and a special thanks to Diane Frank and Alpha Omega for organizing our stay in Cleveland, for being fantastic hosts, & for coming to the many events we did.

We’re looking forward now to seeing our Chicago friends.

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