Checking in from Cleveland

Posted by – May 25, 2007

So far, we are having a lovely time in Cleveland: our host is as gracious as we could want, & the two events today were interesting and enjoyable. Other than our train getting in 1.5 hours late (which meant a 5am arrival!), things are going quite smoothly indeed.

For all of you who have come to events, thanks for attending. We’re looking forward to meeting the rest of you in the Cleveland area sometime this weekend.

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  1. Jude says:

    Uhm, a 5 am arrival being 1.5 hours late means you were scheduled for 3:30 am. I think I would have held out for 3.5 hours late to get you in at 7 am!

  2. […] Friday 5/25: Diane was kind enough not only to pick us up at the train station, but to wait the extra time since Amtrak was late. She gave us a driving tour of Cleveland on the way to her place, including a drive through a very cool park. Having grown up on all the stereotypes of how awful Cleveland is, both me & Betty were quite surprised. After arriving at Diane’s – who gave us not just a room but a floor of her house to stay in, we saw a stray orange tabby in the yard – kind of like a good luck omen, for us. […]

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