That One Clause

Some disturbing news about the currently pending hate crimes bill, which passed the House and is waiting to pass the Senate (& then, likely as not, will face veto from the president), is now possibly being stripped of it its gender identity clause, and once again, only a few groups (The Task Force, NOW, & PFLAG) are saying outloud that they will only support a bill that includes gender identity. Notice who’s missing? HRC. Again.

& I just got a call from them yesterday wanting me to donate, when I told them years ago I wouldn’t until they backed trans inclusion without caveat.

Thanks to Marti Abernathy for posting about this on the blog, as I’d heard unofficial word from several trans activists that this was once again the fact but was awaiting confirmation.

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  1. I gave money last year to an HRC person who was soliciting contributions on the street. Never again, so far as I’m concerned. Not just because of this, which is unbelievably repulsive; I had already been turned off by the fact that 90% of their mailings, in talking about the work they do, don’t even mention “T” issues, or put them in only as an obvious afterthought. I’ve even gotten mailings that talk about the need for outlawing employment discrimination against “gays and lesbians” — no mention of trans people at all.


  2. Funny, i was in HRC’s headquarters on thursday last (in town to lobby with Gender PAC on friday) visiting with the head of their diversity department . of the many folks i met and spoke with, i think it would be a great surprize to them to find out they are not supporting Gender Identity inclusion. personally i will reserver judgement until i hear this is actually the case and not a rumor. until then i will remain the internal thorn in their side, until i no longer have to be.

  3. Donna: Never say never. No one is saying that HRC doesn’t support us…they do. But the question is will they support a bill that doesn’t include us…Which is a real possibility. It was verified to me by more than one organization and more than one Senate office that ENDA will NOT include us. The hate crimes bill is in committee and we could be stripped out. Now is crunch time for HRC. They need to let the community know that they meant what they said back in 2005.

    Mari: it’s not a rumor.

    Now is the time to act. Call HRC, and demand they stand with us.

  4. Interesting.

    In the NCTE’s Lobby Days training last week they had specifically stated that all of the national LGBT groups were on record as *only* supporting trans-inclusive language. Why look, I have it here in writing, so it must be true.

    And if it’s not…damn.

  5. i confronted HRC directly … well via email, supplying the links to these blogs … and asked can this be true?
    the response was direct and clear:

    “HRC has a standing policy passed by the board that
    we will only support trans-inclusive legislation. That position guided us
    through the House debate and will guide us through the Senate debate.
    We have never waivered from this position.”

    this is not a change.
    oh, and i assume the above comment was Marti, not Mari … that said it is not a rumor, cause i didnt … obviously.

  6. Yes, I heard tonight from NCTE that this wasn’t ever true. I’ll blog separately about it to clarify.

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