All My Children on YouTube

Thanks to Red Emmie, again, the support scene from the All My Children episode.

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  1. Lovely, life-affirming but completely idealized. How I wish that support groups actually would provide this level of giving and free exchange.

    Prior to the completion of my own transition, I was a member along with my wife of three groups. Infighting and inverse snobbery were at the helm with no one akin to Jenny to keep control of the more disturbed clients who more or less “ran the show” with shocking sexual escapades, hideous and graphic stories of suicide attempts and the most garish of presentations, whether presenting TS, CD or anyplace inbetween.

    This should be viewed with hope, but a good deal of caveat at least in my experience. A fine American television fairy-tale until proved otherwise and no one should expect exactly what is pictured.

    We who wish to make it, do……But I wish that I could personally report in a more positive manner.

    But great job, everyone!


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