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& Today, Which Action Hero Are You?

(I’m Batman, the Dark Knight.)

Helen Boyd

is the author of My Husband Betty and She's Not the Man I Married.


  1. Well, apparently I’m a british secret agent. The martini thing is right, anyway. Almost spiderman.

    Truffle, Savoy Truffle.

  2. Who has time to check off 66 questions? (she types from the free airport WiFi)

  3. Seems this quiz says I am Maximus. At least he wears a skirt so maybe there is still hope for me, lol.


  4. Doesn’t get cooler than this IMO… I’m a happy girl lol.

    Batman, the Dark Knight 92%
    Indiana Jones 83%
    Lara Croft 75%

  5. I am the Pirate, Jack Sparrow… ARRRRRRRHHHHH !

    William Wallace was next.

  6. Hi Helen, Betty,… Everyone. Well I finally decided to log in and actually leave a post. So what better way to start things off, than to take the Action Hero Quiz… I’m James Bond. LOL


  7. I’m Spider-Man. Who would’ve thunk? Fun quiz!

    Congrats and welcome to Mike!

    Taylor Anne

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