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Posted by – February 19, 2007

& Today, Which Action Hero Are You?

(I’m Batman, the Dark Knight.)

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  1. caprice says:

    I’m Batman, too!
    (Are we all Batman? or Spartacus?)

  2. kiss of athena says:

    Who isn’t.

  3. SavoyTruffle says:

    Well, apparently I’m a british secret agent. The martini thing is right, anyway. Almost spiderman.

    Truffle, Savoy Truffle.

  4. Jude says:

    Who has time to check off 66 questions? (she types from the free airport WiFi)

  5. Stephanie Melissa says:

    Seems this quiz says I am Maximus. At least he wears a skirt so maybe there is still hope for me, lol.


  6. caitlyn says:

    Doesn’t get cooler than this IMO… I’m a happy girl lol.

    Batman, the Dark Knight 92%
    Indiana Jones 83%
    Lara Croft 75%

  7. lizzy says:

    I am the Pirate, Jack Sparrow… ARRRRRRRHHHHH !

    William Wallace was next.

  8. neato1218 says:

    OH YEAH! I’m totally NEO, baby! woot!

  9. michael7668 says:

    Hi Helen, Betty,… Everyone. Well I finally decided to log in and actually leave a post. So what better way to start things off, than to take the Action Hero Quiz… I’m James Bond. LOL


  10. Taylor Anne says:

    I’m Spider-Man. Who would’ve thunk? Fun quiz!

    Congrats and welcome to Mike!

    Taylor Anne

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