5 Replies to “& Now There’s None Left”

  1. This is so excioting! I just got back from B&N with my long awaited copy. Sorry I couldn’t get a signed a copy delivered to my house. Not sense upsetting the apple cart at this point.

    This should be a good weekend to get a start with highs of about 3 degrees, but I afraid I’ll fall behind the comments on the MHB boards because I’m a slow (but thorough) reader.

    Congratulations on #2, Helen! And Betty, that’s a beautiful cover shot.

  2. I don’t know if they have it out for the public yet. I pre-ordered mine a month ago. It was so ‘excioting’ to pick it up that I got so giddy that I couldn’t type. Oops!

  3. Book received! Thank-you! Love the red spine (hope it means high shelf visibility!) Now the inevitable wrestling match with the Zipster every time one of us puts it down this weekend…..

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