Rah Rah, They Suck

Cheerleaders in upstate New York quit the cheerleading team in droves when they were told the laws in the state made them do something they didn’t want to do.

The thing they didn’t want to do?…. cheer! But the catch was that they had to cheer for the girls’ teams in addition to cheering on the boys’ teams.

I can’t figure out if women are their own worst enemies or if this is about homophobia or if (frankly) they’re just being princesses and don’t want to cheer for less-well-attended events. But no matter what it is, it’s a pretty sucky attitude for a cheerleader to have, no?

(Thanks to Dana at BlogHer for the clever title to this post.)

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  1. WTF? This is ridiculous! The point of being a cheerleader is cheer the team on and make them feel good and revved up and ready to win! I read the other story as well- they felt funny? When did they all get the idea that being a cheerleader was only about flirting with the boys on the team? Jeez…

  2. I just want to say that Upstate New York is a big place, and there are plenty of parts that are more progressive than Whitney Point.

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  4. It sounds like homophobia to me…or at least little princesses getting squicked out about perhaps having anything to do with the girl jocks. Don’t suppose the little darlings will object when thier cheerleading camp grants are rescinded or they have to get their mommies to make their uniforms due to violation of Title IX?

  5. It’s about gender roles and their perceptions. They think boys play and girls cheer. Boys do rough stuff whilst girls wear short skirts and wave pom-poms, get enthusiastic about boys and cheer on what they do. Female stuff is not important in that world.
    It’s not the kids here.
    It’s about how they have been conditioned.

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