& Now There’s None Left

For those of you who want to buy a signed copy now, I’m out of the first stash I bought, so there’s going to be a small wait.

They’re Here!! They’re Here!!

While I was at a client’s today, Betty got to receive a very large, heavy box full of the new book. This is the first I’ve gotten to see it, so it’s very exciting. It’s a sturdy book, and there’s… Continue Reading

The Year of Magical Genders

When I started writing She’s Not the Man I Married, I was thinking of Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, which made me think about driving up a mountain road in order to see something a ways off, &… Continue Reading


All my life, my dreams have used water as one metaphor for anxiety: I might find myself on the top of a very tall wave or under it a moment later, or somehow a room I’m in is filling with… Continue Reading

Rah Rah, They Suck

Cheerleaders in upstate New York quit the cheerleading team in droves when they were told the laws in the state made them do something they didn’t want to do. The thing they didn’t want to do?…. cheer! But the catch… Continue Reading


Betty told me the other day that I’m the TPM Cafe of the trans world. How sweet is that?

QueerCents Interview with Jamison Green

A while back, Nina Smith of QueerCents did an interview with me, and later asked me to introduce her to other trans folk who might be willing to talk about personal finance. She talked to Jamison Green, who of course… Continue Reading

Stupid White Folks

Okay, this is just astonishing. I figure they win the Stupid White Folks of the Year Award, and as far as I can tell, that’s been pretty hotly contested lately. But I think these folks went above & beyond the… Continue Reading

Big, Big Endymion

But so, so comfy.

& More

Another article about First Event, in the local Burlington Union: Props to Jodi Blase for doing a better Trans 101 for her readers than most I’ve read.

First Event Coverage

Ethan Jacobs of Bay Windows did a great job summarizing my keynote speech at First Event. Thanks to him for the coverage and to all of you who stayed to listen.

More About First Event

One of the revelations I had at First Event came as a result of talking to one trans woman after I did my talk and she ripped me a new one about partners needing more support, precisely because hers was… Continue Reading

On Their Way

Today I discovered my distributor has charged my credit card, which means the books are on their way, or nearly on their way, or at least to the point where they’re processing the order. Any Day Now, they’ll be on… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Richard M. Juang

Although Richard M. Juang is an otherwise studious English professor, I came to know him through my participation with the NCTE Board of Advisors, and increasingly found him to be gentle and smart as a whip. We got to sit… Continue Reading

A Little of First Event

from my journal, 21 january: we’re in the bar @ the burlington marriott waiting for our car to take us to the amtrak station, after the long week/end that was first event. what a trip – the whole of it.… Continue Reading

Why I’m Pro Choice

Today is Blog for Choice Day. There is one reason and one reason only: because if abortion is illegal, women with money & power & connections will be able to have them still, and poor women with no power &… Continue Reading


Okay, we’re back from First Event! More reports to follow.

White Guilt

I made a cool & unusual discovery the other day: the channel that broadcasts a lot of sports & specifically the Yankees’ games, called the YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) Network, also shows old episodes of the show White Shadow… Continue Reading

The Perfect Pillow

Ah, the comfortable big booty of his brother makes the perfect pillow.

First Event

We leave for First Event today, and are really looking forward to experiencing this legendary trans conference. Just so you know – and because I probably won’t be answering emails for a bit – this is what I’ll be doing… Continue Reading