Lumeric was Both

“Just ask whether Lumeric was a man or a woman.”
“And what’s the right answer?” Candy asked.
“Both,” Malingo and Jimothi replied at the same moment.
Candy looked confused.
“Lumeric was a Mutep,” Malingo explained. “Therefore both a he and a she.”-from Clive Barker’s Abarat, where Lumeric the Mutep was also a magician of the highest order.

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  1. While these archetypes of transpeople being magicians, shamans, etc. are fine it also contains a negative aspect; they are outsiders. They don’t have a place with the rest of society and tend to be socially isolated. This is not a good way to live and social isolation tends to have numerous negative outcomes for people.

  2. i agree with you, KofA. in Abarat, however, many things are magical, or “both” – some species are half-animal and half-human, etc. i don’t think “trans” would even show up on the radar, much.

    & i have a funny feeling clive barker is trans friendly. just a guess, but i’ve been reading him for years.

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