A Few Days

Betty & I are off to visit some friends who live in the country around the New Year’s celebrations, so have a good one, and be safe. (Please do not drink & drive.)

52 Things

Here are the final entries into NCTE’s “52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality”: #48 Collect and share stories of discrimination #49 Set up a training in a hospital, nursing or medical school #50 Help an organization become more… Continue Reading


Looks like the boys got a head start on the weekend.

The System

So I said the other day that I have a system for seeing what change I will try to effect for myself in the upcoming year. I came up with it a couple of years ago when I realized I… Continue Reading


I am still sick, dammit, & I already had this cold this year! Isn’t it someone else’s turn?


The Task Force recently issued a report about homeless youth: up to 42% of homeless youth are LGBT (even though only 3-5% of the population is). While I’m glad to hear NYC has stepped up funding to help serve these… Continue Reading

Boxing Day

So how did it get to be December? – and not just December, but the day after Christmas?! That seemed fast. I’ve had people older than me tell me that the years go by faster the older you get, &… Continue Reading

…& A Very Merry Christmas

from Aeneas, Aurora, Betty, Endymion, & Helen.

Quiet Xmas

We’re having a quiet Christmas this year: my sister threw a gathering for my family last week, so we both feel like we had a premature xmas this year. Plus, we spent anything you might call a gift budget on… Continue Reading

A Very Merry Christmas Eve…

Five Things

Apparently I’ve been tagged for a blog meme, by Debra over at Tragic/Beautiful. I’m supposed to come up with Five Things You Don’t Know About Me. I’m going to hope that none of my very old friends are reading, since… Continue Reading

UNICEF Reports: Equal Women Raise Better Children

Okay, that’s not exactly what they reported, but to my mind, it pretty much is: “Gender equality and the well-being of children are inextricably linked,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman. “When women are empowered to lead full and… Continue Reading

Where The Clitoris Is

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Dan Savage on The Colbert Report.

Double Header

The boys, “sharing” a box.

Your Cyber-Signature Needed

Sign a petition to get New York State to add the ERA to the state constitution.

So It’s Begun

I’m starting to get emails from people asking about the new book and whether or not I’d be willing to come to one trans conference or another. Likewise, the “call for presenters” emails are also showing up. This year, for… Continue Reading

Short Film

Watch this short film about a Taiwanese-born Chinese-American trans person.

Chic Heroine

As if I didn’t like Tina Fey enough already, she’s gone and done it again. But Tina, please don’t insult the trannies like that. Paris Hilton aspires to look like a tranny.

Lumeric was Both

“Just ask whether Lumeric was a man or a woman.” “And what’s the right answer?” Candy asked. “Both,” Malingo and Jimothi replied at the same moment. Candy looked confused. “Lumeric was a Mutep,” Malingo explained. “Therefore both a he and… Continue Reading

Rock & a Hard Place

I’ll admit that I find it incomprehensible to remain part of a Church that didn’t want me as a member or that felt I was “less than.” When I found out at a young age that I wouldn’t be “allowed”… Continue Reading