Clear-Headed No Longer

As a long-time sinus congestion/allergic type, I am really starting to hate meth addicts. Apparently they use the best-ever decongestant, pseudoephedrine, to make meth, so now the stuff is something like impossible to get a hold of. As it is they take down your name and license # here in NY if you want to buy any, but worse is that I can no longer can I buy those little travel packets of two at my bodega. No longer can I get boxes at my local pharmacy. At the bigger drugstores, I have to carry a little card up to the pharmacy counter to get it.

And I can’t find it for sale online, either.

Hate meth addicts, hate ’em.

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  1. Yeah, it sucks big time. Out here you can only buy one box at a time and you can’t buy another one until the “proper” time has elapsed to have used it up.

  2. “Yeah, ’cause that’s gonna stop ’em from gettin’ meth” is what I mumbled last week in the gift shop at work when my head was pounding with a sinus headache. Meth addicts, hate em. Politicians who come up legislation that makes for a great soundbite but doesn’t address the problem, hate em.

    The fun part was last year, when my kids and I both needed sudafed on the same day. Couldn’t do it. I got the kid stuff and had to watch the crabby kids with pounding headache while my wife drove to the store for the adult stuff.

    Hope you feel better soon, Helen.

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