I handed in the final proof pages of She’s Not the Man I Married today.

There’s always this moment, after I finish a project, where I just want to sleep – and often do, quite a lot. I’m not sure if its like post-natal depression, or just a kind of mental exhaustion, or even anxiety – after all, what comes next are reviews – but it happens.

Either way, it won’t be very long now until I have the actual book in my hands, though that doesn’t make the pub date come any quicker for anyone else. (Sorry.)

5 Replies to “Done.”

  1. I think if actually added up all the hours you have into this project and the time frame it was done in, you really otta be sleeping for the rest of the winter………

    Do writers hibernate well ? …………lol…..


  2. Congrats! Proofing is highly-focused-but-tedious so I’m not surprised that you’d want to crash out after a long slog of it.

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