Preview of Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

Mattilda, the editor of That’s Revolting: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation, has a new anthology called Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity that just came out, and I contributed an essay called “Persephone.” It’s a bit different… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Max Wolf Valerio

It’s been a while since a Five Questions With… Interview, but I can’t imagine a better re-entry interview than one with Max Wolf Valerio, the author of The Testosterone Files. Max and I “met” as a result of us both… Continue Reading

One Big Answer

A recent conversation on the boards brought up the whole ‘brain sex’ debate again, and what I want to know is why all of these studies or conclusions need to be so mutually exclusive? Isn’t it possible for one person… Continue Reading

Clear-Headed No Longer

As a long-time sinus congestion/allergic type, I am really starting to hate meth addicts. Apparently they use the best-ever decongestant, pseudoephedrine, to make meth, so now the stuff is something like impossible to get a hold of. As it is… Continue Reading

Trans Partners Drop-in Group

Tomorrow is the Trans Partners Drop-in Group at the LGBT Center, so come! Here’s the info.

Tomboy Take

In Margaret Atwood’s book about writing, Negotiating with the Dead, she writes: I was now faced with real life, in the form of other little girls – their prudery and snobbery, their Byzantine social life based on whispering and vicious… Continue Reading

Warning Sign

(You can get your own here, & thanks to Megan for the link!)

Leslie Feinberg on She’s Not The Man I Married

As if what people have said wasn’t enough to make me delirious already, Leslie Feinberg read She’s Not the Man I Married, and said: “Between the covers of this book, you’ll hear how love sounds when it’s so honest it… Continue Reading

School’s Out (for Afghan Girls)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I remember hearing a lot of palaver about how it was so cool that we were getting the Taliban out of Afghanistan so that those girls could go to school (& so that… Continue Reading

Confirmed Events

I will have the extreme pleasure and honor of introducing Leslie Feinberg at the State Museum of New York in Albany, this coming February 3rd. Betty and I will also be attending IFGE 2007, in Philly, where I’ll be presenting… Continue Reading


As I promised Gracie a while back, the whole issue of women & music has been chafing my ass a lot lately. I’ve been a musichead all my life. I love music, I love bands, I love seeing live shows.… Continue Reading

Bowed Down

Endymion, the highly tolerant.

After You Give Thanks

Here’s some other things you can do: #36 Get involved in the political process: Volunteer for a Candidate #37 Plan and conduct a Day of Remembrance event #38 Support or create a radio show or podcast #39 Hold a House… Continue Reading

No Thanks

In case anyone’s deluded into thinking all’s well in genderland, someone named Arlene Starr decided to take me to task for my post on the Transgender Day of Remembrance. She writes: I must be too sensitive, be that as it… Continue Reading

His Hotness, Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp on the Actor’s Studio, being asked about playing Ed Wood: James Lipton, the interviewer, asks him if some of the fun of the role wasn’t dressing up in women’s clothes, and Depp responds, “Getting paid to dress like… Continue Reading

What Kind of Question Is That?!

It’s nice to see Paula Poundstone sober and back up delivering comedy. I’ve always thought she was funny, and she’s doing a good job on this Bravo special of showing (1) she’s still got it, and (2) that she makes… Continue Reading

Trans Partners Drop-in Group

There is no meeting of the Trans Partners Drop-in Group this week, since it’s Thanksgiving & all. Happy Thanksgiving, and see you next week instead!

Boards Up

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Boards Down

The mHB boards are down temporarily while Betty upgrades the software.


I handed in the final proof pages of She’s Not the Man I Married today. There’s always this moment, after I finish a project, where I just want to sleep – and often do, quite a lot. I’m not sure… Continue Reading