This Bitch Has a Name

An interesting essay in The Washington Post by Lonnae O’Neal Parker, about her experience as an African-American woman who once loved HipHop but doesn’t anymore – for the sake of her daughters.

My daughter can’t know that hip-hop and I have loved harder and fallen out further than I have with any man I’ve ever known.

That my decision to end our love affair had come only after years of disappointment and punishing abuse. After I could no longer nod my head to the misogyny or keep time to the vapid materialism of another rap song. After I could no longer sacrifice my self-esteem or that of my two daughters on an altar of dope beats and tight rhymes.

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  1. I work with kids in residential treatment and rap/hiphop is reinforcing the abuse these kids have recieved and a guarantee it will continue.I try to play “oldies” 60’s pop when driving these kids its a constant struggle. It is the least inappropriate music I can find .

    Jim Morrison’s message wasn’t a ticket to serenity either!

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