Not Chick Lit

It’s come up a couple of times in a few short days, so I thought instead of simmering until I boil over this time, I might address an issue sooner rather than later this time.

Women’s writing is not, en masse, to be called chick lit. Chick lit is a term used for a certain kind of fluffier, upwardly-mobile, sexually titillating kind of fiction or non-fiction about women’s lives.

Examples: Sex and the City, A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing.

Please do not refer to any book about women as chick lit, or to any book by a woman writer as chick lit.

Examples: Margaret Atwood is not chick lit.

For further clarification, you can check out the new(ish) anthology This is Not Chick Lit: Original Stories by America’s Best Women Writers.

2 Replies to “Not Chick Lit”

  1. Just imo, A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing isn’t “chick lit” at all. Not fluffy, not titillating, no pink cover with stylized drawings of skinny women on it — just plain lit, and quite good at that.


  2. That’s because it was the first novel to “hit” – and was subsequently dubbed “chick lit” but wasn’t marketed as such. A friend knows the author – and said no one was more suprised than she was when it took off & she sold the film rights. From what I know, she was quite overwhelmed by the whole thing.

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