Really, No Pressure

First I want to apologize to two people who know who they are.
Second I want to explain that this week has been sheer hell for me. Not long ago an author friend of mine reminded me that second books are looked at critically – you know, separating the one-hit wonders from the career types critically. That, plus the fact that I’m talking about things in this new book I barely ever wanted to talk to Betty about, and bringing up political problems between transness and feminism. Basically, I’ve got a lot on the line, and this Tuesday I hand it all in. So in the meantime I’m smoking too much and eating too much and sitting too much.
So please pardon me if I’m a little crankier than usual. I just can’t wait to weigh myself on Sunday and find out that for the first time since March, I will have missed my target weight. That’ll be a blast, really.