Study: Aeneas, Part 5

box surprise

He really is quite patient, considering he was napping quite comfortably a moment before, & I woke him up with the flash.

He didn’t waste much time in falling back asleep, of course.

Either that or he’s just surprised that we’ve been married five years, today.

Happy Bastille Day, folks: Vive La Revolution.

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, and “many returns of the day”

    DJ and I will celebrate our 5th in november of this year, time fly’s when your having fun !

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – with many more to come…

    I came across this site a few days ago without knowing it had anything to do with gender but feeling I would want to read more. Then I learnt more, went out and bought the book and am reading it with the knowledge that it will save many people a lot of unhappiness if they resource it. I could have done with a copy 17 years ago, when I started living wih my S.O. Well , she went and got a copy today and we are reading in tandem. Your honesty, clear thinking and grasp of CD and the TG world are sizzling. After years of Cross-Dressing I had to make the change to Transwoman or go insane. I had surgery in 1984 – and that was the first event in a completely unforseen life full of change, confusion, understanding and resolutions. Back in 1984, September 11 I awoke to Day One.



    (England UK

  3. Happy Anniversary H&B!

    as for Vive La Revolution, I only got as far as the first page, where it says:

    Why does anyone make a guillotine site?
    Visit the Head of this site

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