Study: Aeneas, Part 2

Another super close-up of my handsome boy.

left ear

Aeneas’ left ear, for your amusement (but not his).

4 Replies to “Study: Aeneas, Part 2”

  1. your photos are about my only contact with cat’s, as DJ seems to get more alergic as time goes by. I was feeding some stray’s, but even there presence in the yard seems to be setting off his breathing problems…..

    I want a kitty so much sometimes I cry about it, stupid, but that’s how I am lately, and damm it, I want a Cat !

  2. 3,500.00 Yes I want a cat…. but we did not win the lottery yet.

    yes I did know about it, perhaps when they have been doing this for a few years the price will come down.

  3. hee hee Tell your handsome boy not to take himself so seriously- neither of mine could be bothered to even act like the average cat except when they really want something and I’m not giving it up.. then they’re snotty little children!

    I don’t know that I’m crazy about the idea of the suppression of the protien that causes the allergen problems though. How much research was done as to why that protien is created naturally, and what it does for the cat?

    I do love the name of the cloning company- Genetic Savins and Clone. Sehr cute!

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