It’s Official

Posted by – May 20, 2006

I think I’ve officially made the category of crazy cat lady. Every birthday card I received had a picture of a cat on it.

This situation has been in the making since I was 11, when my 6th grade teacher gave me a beautiful coffee table book of cat photos which I still have. The weirder thing is that I grew up with a blue and an orange tabby, and now we have two blues and an orange tabby. I’m not sure if that means we have to get another blue next, or another tabby.

First we’d have to get a bigger place, either way.

Thanks, everyone, for the cards.

3 Comments on It’s Official

  1. kiss of athena says:

    If you were really a crazy cat lady the size of your place wouldn’t really matter.

  2. LaSirenaBella says:

    No, you need to have at least seven real cats to be an Official Crazy Cat Lady. You have a ways to go.

  3. kiss of athena says:

    and Betty doesn’t count.

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