Thanks to Deborah

I just wanted to especially thank Deborah for her kindness and help with my ongoing insanity. I’ve developed some major neck/back/shoulder pain (a combination of a bad computer setup, one fallen arch, and – oh, stress, for some reason) and… Continue Reading

Hello Cruel World

Kate Bornstein’s next book, Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws is coming out soon, and here’s the lovely cover: You can pre-order it at Amazon, or at Powells. There’s also a website with… Continue Reading

Betty (Not) On the Rag

Poor Betty. The other day while wearing her trademark summer thongs, she bumped her toe really, really hard. Her doctor predicted the toenail will fall off in not too long, and so she complained to me tonight that “just as… Continue Reading

Happy Memorial Day!

A very happy Memorial Day to you all, with especial good wishes to anyone who has lost a loved one in a war – current, recent, or past. (I was relieved to find out my own cousin quit the Navy,… Continue Reading

Pope Maledict Rides Again

Apparently our current pope – who I prefer to call Pope Maledict – has called LGBT relationships “weak love.” Sometimes I wish I could take people and shake them, or – as Jim Johnson of Straight, Not Narrow points out:… Continue Reading

Humorless Feminist

Like everyone, people frequently forward me dumb jokes that someone has forwarded to them, & on & on. And often I’m offended by jokes that other people laugh at. There’s this one, say: A woman from North Dakota and another… Continue Reading

We Don’t Really Know

Since we got the boys when they were already somewhere around 16 weeks old, and we got them in September, we really don’t know when their birthday is – except that we know it’s sometime around now. Happy 6th Birthday… Continue Reading

Upcoming Blog for LGBT Families Day

Mombian has had the clever idea to start an LGBT Families Day, and I wanted people to know about it before it came and went. On June 1st, blog about your LGBT family, or blog about why LGBT families rock,… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Ariadne Kane

Ariadne Kane has been doing transgender outreach longer than many of us have been walking – since 1972. She was on The Phil Donahue Show in 1980 and probably gave some of the people reading this a glimpse that they… Continue Reading

Guest Author: Marlena Dahlstrom

I got this note from Marlena recently, and I thought it expanded on a couple of discussions I’ve been having (with myself) and ones that have happened on the boards, too. She’s also put this up on her blog. Patsy… Continue Reading


Writing is at once such brutal hard work, but so satisfying, too, when it goes right. It’s so much easier to sleep the sleep of the just when it does, too. Good night.

Masturbation Month

I was unaware that May is masturbation month, and it’s almost over! You do still have time to participate in a Masturbate-A-Thon, but if you’re not that kind of public, you can always celebrate masturbation in some other way –… Continue Reading

A Letter from Paisley Currah

I received this today & as an author of books on trans subject, I thought I should make it available for more of you to see. There is very little out there that recognizes good scholarship/writing on the part of… Continue Reading

The Plan – Two Months Later

Ah, the result of eating turkey meatloaf is that I’ve lost 11 lbs. since I started this plan on 3/19/06, and taken off a total of 4.7″. I admire any of you who have had to lose 25 lbs or… Continue Reading

Speaking of Eating…

Because of this whole plan to lose weight and work out more, I’ve had to teach myself how to cook. The other night I made my first meatloaf, and I’ve otherwise roasted a chicken, made my own chicken stock, then… Continue Reading

It’s Official

I think I’ve officially made the category of crazy cat lady. Every birthday card I received had a picture of a cat on it. This situation has been in the making since I was 11, when my 6th grade teacher… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Dad.

In honor of my dad, who is the Holder of All Records Involving Eating, a photo of big Endymion, walking away full, while Aeneas continues to chow down & Aurora eyes him suspiciously. Happy 78th, Pops.

No “Them” Or “Us”

from Dan Savage: STRAIGHT RIGHTS UPDATE: I’ve been running around with my hair on fire trying to convince my straight readers that religious conservatives don’t just hate homos. Their attacks on gay people, relationships, parents, and sex get all the… Continue Reading

We Were Smarter Back Then

From a January 1916 article in The Atlantic called “Further Notes on the Intelligence of Woman“: “I think she will succeed, for I doubt whether any mental power is inherent in sex. There are differences of degree, differences of quality;… Continue Reading

Call for Submissions

It’s not often that I put a call for submissions up here, but this one is from Morty Diamond – and he wants to put together a book by trans folks, about dating, love, sex and relationships. Great idea, so… Continue Reading