They Kill Horses, Don’t They?

It’s come to my attention that people who use Premarin may not be aware that they are directly causing the slaughter of mares and fillies. I thought this information was well-known by now, but apparently not.

Since Premarin is created from the urine of pregnant mares, these horses are now created for the sole purpose of harvesting their urine. They’re forced to stand their entire lives in narrow stalls, get little to no exercise, and don’t get as much water as they want. Then, after they’re too old to get pregnant, or too sore to keep standing, they’re slaughtered.

It’s inhumane.

It’s especially brutal considering that the same hormones can be created using plant hormones.

So go right back to your doctor who gave you the prescription for Premain, and ask for one of these instead:

* Cenestin
* Estrace
* Estraderm
* Ogen
* OrthoEst
* Estratab
* Menest
* Estinyl
* Estrovirus
* OrthoDienestrol
* Tace

For more information, you can read the site. They’ll even give you a pin to wear if you switch.

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  1. Plus, as I mentioned on the boards, Premarin is way more expensive (assuming no insurance coverage). For example, Estrace is just a brand name; it’s the same as generic estradiol. At, a month’s supply of generic estradiol at the standard pre-op dosage of 8 mg per day costs $29.29, even without insurance. A month’s supply of Premarin at the standard pre-op dosage of 5 mg per day costs $125.96 — more than four times as much. (You can halve those dosages and prices post-SRS or post-orchiectomy.)

    But I would be careful about taking Estinyl, which is the brand name for ethinyl estradiol — a very potent form of estrogen that’s thought by many to carry a higher risk than other forms, particularly for transwomen over 40, of side effects like blood clots and liver damage.


  2. Thanks Helen. A friend of mine adopted two Premarin horses through a rescue league — but few people have both the space and the inclination to keep horses as pets. This stuff — and myriad other abuses of other animals for other products, it’s true — needs to be stopped through awareness and market pressure.

  3. Not all premarin farms treat their horses as bad as that, but many do. I wish we could get a foal from one as many are of very good breeding and very good quality, but no way we can add to what we have (currently 80+ goats, horse, donkey, 4 dogs, numberous cats, ect).

    Spread the word though- too many need homes and they need (most of all) to stop being created as a waste by-product.

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