They Kill Horses, Don't They?

It’s come to my attention that people who use Premarin may not be aware that they are directly causing the slaughter of mares and fillies. I thought this information was well-known by now, but apparently not.
Since Premarin is created from the urine of pregnant mares, these horses are now created for the sole purpose of harvesting their urine. They’re forced to stand their entire lives in narrow stalls, get little to no exercise, and don’t get as much water as they want. Then, after they’re too old to get pregnant, or too sore to keep standing, they’re slaughtered.
It’s inhumane.
It’s especially brutal considering that the same hormones can be created using plant hormones.
So go right back to your doctor who gave you the prescription for Premain, and ask for one of these instead:
* Cenestin
* Estrace
* Estraderm
* Ogen
* OrthoEst
* Estratab
* Menest
* Estinyl
* Estrovirus
* OrthoDienestrol
* Tace
For more information, you can read the site. They’ll even give you a pin to wear if you switch.