Comfort Kitty

After a hard life and nearly dying in the great outdoors, Aurora’s getting awfully used to fluffy pillows. But she sure does still look pissed off, doesn’t she?


I’m really disgusted by the fact that once again, Canada is hunting those adorable baby seals. What is the fucking point? Does anyone really need seal fur that much? I doubt it. Do your bit to stop it here.

Five Questions With… Becca and Dixie

Becca and Dixie are a crossdresser & wife combination that are hard to beat. Both of them are committed to unity within the trans community as well as having alliances with the larger LGBT community. They run the Eureka En… Continue Reading

New Relationships/Partners Category

I decided to add a new category, for Relationships/Partners, so that it’s more easy to find relevant info in my blog archives.

New Orleans Update

After months of asking the wrong people, I finally asked one of the right people: the incomparable Chi Chi Valenti, who went to New Orleans this past Mardi Gras with Krewe York to show support for our sister city. Since… Continue Reading

3/27/06 = #13

NCTE’s 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #13 Support the Day of Silence.

All White Meat, Too

Our friends Zoe & Kat found this in their organic eggs this morning. I had no idea she was so busy. And I don’t know why I’ve ever had to buy eggs if she can lay them. Sheesh.


We’re back from Meriden, CT, where we had a lovely time at the COS Banquet. Especial thanks to Staci for inviting us back, and to Diana who picked us up/dropped us off at the train station. I would post the… Continue Reading

Eating, and Drinking, then Talking

Betty and I are off to the Connecticut Outreach Society’s Annual Banquet tonight, where I’ll be giving the post-dinner speech. We’re pleased to be going again, because we really enjoyed ourselves the first time I spoke at this event, in… Continue Reading

He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Cat

No, we’re not kidding. Endymion is one huge cat, all 18 lbs of him.

From the Mailbag

Dear Helen, First, let me say that i thought your book < My Husband, Betty > was excellent. I’m not a crossdresser myself and had figured that out before i read your book, but since a friend of mine’s picture… Continue Reading

The Warhol Trannies

I’m currently reading Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk – which I highly recommend – and I’ve just gotten to the section about Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn and Candy Darling and Jayne (then Wayne) County –… Continue Reading

Feeling… Hopeful?

There have been two recent break-ups (three, if you count Chrissy’s recent news) on the MHB message boards, which I’m sure have left a lot of people who read/post on them a little less than optimistic. Unfortunately, two other couples… Continue Reading

3/20/06 = #12

NCTE’s 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #12 Ask Your Local Film Festival to Show Trans Themed Movies and then Go See Them.

Scrawny Shoes

The other day, just for fun, Betty and I popped our heads into a shoestore around 14th Street – not the DSW, the other one. I had envied Tom’s shoes that night at Yale, and all of my own shoes… Continue Reading

Guest Author: Jill Barkley

Jill Barkley is the former partner of an FTM, femme-identified, and the very cool person I got to co-host a ‘trans relationships’ forum with at TIC both last year and this. It’s a pleasure to get to post something written… Continue Reading

Gender Gift Horse

A recent comment to a not-so-recent blog post required a thoughtful response. The subject was my dislike of the term “gender gifted” and while Michele pointed out some excellent reasons to prefer the term, I’m not an easy mind to… Continue Reading

Pod Betty

It seems we’ve made it to podcast… a Detroit-based podcaster and blogger reviewed My Husband Betty recently (and her advice to people near death is very, very funny, & unfortunately, very close to the mark for many people). You can… Continue Reading


I’m a little upset that they (Lifetime, and Sony Pictures) have chosen a male actor for the role of Gwen Araujo. I just don’t get the point of it – why not have a girl play her? Gwen did not… Continue Reading

The Boys

Aren’t they beautiful?! And today, they’re Irish, but they’re definitely not marching in NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. When is the AOH going to get over it already?!