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Posted by – February 21, 2006

Not to give the whole “surprise” of tonight’s House episode away… but since the show has already aired: the teenage heroin addict who is being sexually abused by her own father is – drumroll, please! – AIS. He doesn’t use that term to describe her – and in fact refers to her as him, but more on that in a minute – but instead says she has a kind of hermaphroditism. Once I get the transcript I’ll be sure of exactly what he said.

House did refer to her as him for a reason – and that’s because her sexually abusive father is in the same room when he figures it out. Figuring the guy is going to be a homophobic asshole as well as a sexually abusive father, it’s a sure way to get the sexual abuse to stop.

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  1. Beauty says:


    That was a great episode and I agree. He was calling her(the patient) a him to make a point to the father.

    I think he referred to her as him other than in front of the father, but then again that’s House for you.


  2. madelaine says:

    I’m sure the beautiful young lady was thrilled to hear she’d be ok after they cut HIS (referring to her) balls off!
    Very much in keeping with House’s character but not at all sympathetic to the intersexed.
    I’m not sure I understood the physiology either. Little pubic hair but large breasts? What is the source of estrogen?

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