Tired Dyke, Shopping

First: crossdressers, if there’s a day you shy ones want to go out & buy yourself lingerie, make it Valentine’s Day. There were all sorts of fumbling, sheepish, weirded-out guys in Macy’s today buying last minute Valentine’s gifts, to whom I wanted to say: Now really, even if you’re not a crossdresser, isn’t this really for you, anyway? Why don’t you go get yourself a pair of silky boxer shorts & objectify yourself for her instead?!
But I didn’t. So as is usual, I probably looked a little cranky as I walked up to the register with a handful – a handful, mind you – of underwear for Betty. And as the woman pushed the buttons, she happened to notice they were all smalls, and shot one glance at my ample butt, and I’d felt somehow she managed to press a button that made the word DYKE appear on my forehead.
So, yeah.