4 Replies to “BPL Wins ‘Most Hip to Scams’ Award”

  1. I see tall poppy syndrome is universal.

    Look I object to the witch hunt that has followed revelations that James Frey embellished his account. HE IS A DRUG ADDICT!!! Since when have you met a drug addict that tells the truth? Its not that he has been held accountable for his actions, but it is the fervour that has swept people up into a frenzy of hate. When do we stop? Before or after burning crosses and pointy hats?

  2. The idea that Frey is superior to me – or that I was trying to cut him down – is quite insulting on either front. He’s cut himself down without any help from me.

    He is richer and more famous. Superior? No. I’m not a liar.

    He’s a dry drug addict – he’s not using anymore. That’s what the book is about – how he quit. I’ve known reformed addicts, and actually, most of them tell the truth most of the time, as far as I can tell. Saying that all of them lie is a gross exaggeration at best.

    This isn’t about hate – the library didn’t throw out his books or return them or burn them in a bonfire – they just re-categorized them. This is about accountability. Lying in a memoir and making bundles of cash off those lies is the same as selling fake insurance or a faulty product or any other kind of consumer fraud.

    Some of us who write memoirs struggle to tell the truth and expose our lives. There are so many memoirs out there that deserved the kind of praise and attention Frey got, and didn’t get, because they didn’t exaggerate their experiences into Sensational Land.

    I don’t think this is all Frey’s fault; the publishing industry is also responsible, as is Oprah for always demanding the most gripping tales.

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