Put On A Little Makeup (and Have a Coke)

I assume most people saw the Coke commercial where the woman goes into the barbershop and gets a man’s haircut, and I’m kind of surprised no-one told me about it – because the background music is Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” (and I’m a lifelong Adam Ant fan, for those who don’t know).


While I won’t bother to go into the myriad reasons Adam decided to sell a song for what I

assume are the big bucks now, I am pleased that the commercial is about some version of genderfuck, since Adam was one of the prettiest versions ever, in his day, and the lyrics are pretty a propos:

we don’t follow fashion
that’d be a joke

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  1. I had a friend back in hi school that dresseed like him (as much as one can without getting their ass kicked in suburban ohio)

  2. Helen, you are so damn cool.

    Though, I can’t say that the video kick started my hormones. 😉

  3. on TV. apparently it was on during the new year’s eve show (dick clark). but i don’t remember what i was watching – i’ve seen it maybe 3x now.

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