Questions Answered

I’ve been asked two questions by MHB boarders:

1) Is Thursday chat still on?

YES. 9pm EST, Yahoo messenger. Donna usually starts chat if I’m not around to, but I’ll show up one way or the other.

2) Is the next in-person meeting of the group going to happen?

YES. 8pm, Tuesday, January 3rd, at the LGBT Center in Manhattan.

Helen Boyd

is the author of My Husband Betty and She's Not the Man I Married.


  1. That’s good to hear, Helen. I think the group meeting is actually Tuesday January 3, which is the first Tuesday in January. I’m looking forward to it, and, hopefully, to seeing Megan and Lynne there along with everyone else.


  2. Hi Helen! I have a third question: will you be doing the partners’ hour?

  3. No partners’ hour. I really need interest from partners to plan that, and I think it’ll probably happen as a separate event when it does.

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