Much-Paraphrased Michelangelo

So, yeah. I spent the day today putting together a bunch of writing I’ve done for the next book. Editors tend to want ‘sample chapters’ but I don’t write that way – putting together a chapter would require writing a… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Caprice Bellefleur

Caprice Bellefleur, 57, got her BA in Economics at the U. Wisconsin @ Madison, and earned her JD. She’s been married 17 years, has no children, and is a member of the bar of the State of NY. She retired… Continue Reading

Let’s (Not) Have Sex?

It’s a funny thing to be envying a couple who haven’t had sex since 1986. But upon reading a recent interview with Meredith (nee Wally) and Lynne Bacon, I can’t help envying them. It would be so much easier to… Continue Reading

It’s a Queer Day…

It turns out this site is the link of the week at Queer Day magazine, so for all of you coming over from there, welcome!

These Damn Death Shows

Okay, is anyone else addicted to these murder procedurals? It started for me with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, because I liked Vincent D’Onofrio. But then Crossing Jordan was on after that. I barely watch any tv and yet I… Continue Reading

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex

Betty and I spent Thanskgiving Day at my sister and her husband’s house – a place we frequent on a regular basis. I like to joke that our standard of living is brought up significantly by dinners at her place:… Continue Reading

Christmas Presents?

For anyone who might be interested in getting a signed copy of My Husband Betty for a loved one this Christmas, please order one now! I don’t have many in stock (just a short stack piled on a spare bit… Continue Reading

Known But Not

I’m not sure if anyone knows how weird it is being a public person, if you’re not. I know there are people on the boards and in the larger trans community who are known in their fields, so I’m sure… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Endymion is never, ever full, and he’s never met anything edible he wouldn’t eat (including some things he shouldn’t have). So eat up, folks – and have a very very happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday to Virginia Prince

A very happy birthday to Virginia Prince, who is turning 93 this year.

Wonky Boards

For whatever reason, the message boards are loading slow, people are getting database errors, and their performance is generally not so hot. Just so you know: it’s not you, and switching browsers will not help! We’ve got calls in to… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Gina Lance

Gina Lance is the former publisher of Girl Talk Magazine, current producer of, and too fabulous for words. < Helen with much shorter hair, and Gina in all her nearly 5’11” glory. 1) As a public person, does “being… Continue Reading

Times Five

Well, it’s official: the fifth printing of My Husband Betty has now been ordered, and will show up in warehouses around the first years of 2006. That’s five printings in two years, pretty much. Thanks, all.

Our Little Nest

My hand is in the picture for size comparison purposes, of course, but isn’t that a beautiful ring, too? Since we couldn’t access a lot of websites today, Betty and I ended up catching up on a ton of chores… Continue Reading

Reproductive Rights

Nerve seems to be getting a little hipper these days: after that cool special they did on bisexuality (in response to His Idiocy’s Recent Study), they’ve currently got a Reproductive Rights special issue up (because we can’t all be having… Continue Reading

Two Americas

I’m voting for Edwards, and that’s all there is to it.

Feminist Blog

Thanks to Katha Pollitt, I just discovered a great source of feminist reading, a blog called Feministing. I’ve put a link up in the blogroll, but wanted to call your attention to it. It’s a good mix of stories, from… Continue Reading

Gossip & Calumny, Pt. 2

The real problem with having stupid gossipy things happen is that I have to deal with them instead of answering an email from someone in need. Last night I got the email from the person who told me that Bobbi… Continue Reading


… or breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, supper, elevenses, or just a snack.

Five Questions With… Vern Bullough

Vern L. Bullough is a SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus, was a past President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, was honored with the Kinsey Award for his research, and is the author of Crossdressing, Sex, and Gender,… Continue Reading