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It just occurred to me that not all of you would know that you were missing some info about my next book by *not* reading Damian McNicholl’s interview with me. The last question he asked was:

DMN: Are you working on anything new?

to which I responded:

HB: I’m working on a book now called Boy Meets Girl, which is about the things I’ve learned about gender in relationships as a result of being with Betty and as a result of meeting a lot of gender variant people since I published My Husband Betty. What I’ve noticed is that until or unless there’s a problem with gender, it’s invisible. We make huge assumptions about who a person is and who they’re supposed to be as a partner and lover based on gender – and I came into this relationship thinking I was pretty smart about gender, and didn’t do any of those things. But when your husband starts wondering if he should transition (that’s the PC term for a ‘sex change’ these days), you have to think a lot harder about gender, and learn a lot more. Boy Meets Girl will be a memoir of my struggle to figure out what it might mean to our romance if my husband became my wife, and how what I learned in the process might help others in relationships of all kinds.

So there you have it.

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  1. Please finish the book quickly before I transition (in about 10 months). If not, I’ll just punt.

    Personally, I like Emilia’s comment much better.

  2. Would it be arrogant of me to mention that when I first met you folks in cyber space my clear impression was that Betty would inevitably transition? This opinion was I thought not one to be shared at that time being based on a paucity of data and indeed remains something of a speculation. It also antedated my own trend towards surgical transition that at present is proving to be more of a likelihood than an impossibility. Perhaps seven years of hormone reassignment is proving persuasive.

    None of this is easy and while there is such joy and freedom, the pain is there to be experienced as well. I feel deeply for the two of you and, yes, I will buy the book.


  3. No, not arrogant, Rosemary. I think you voted with the majority on that one.

    That said, be careful to note that I said that Betty is wondering about, considering transitioning. **She is not transitioning at this time.** Simultaneously, she has “transitioned” into an out trans person and is known to be trans but also accepted as a woman by a bunch of our friends/community.

    For the record.

  4. Hi Helen,

    Congrats on your new book!! 🙂 Both you and my wife may be going through the similar kinds of emotions. I haven’t committed to transitioning yet (afraid to say I absolutely am) but everything I’m doing seems to be leading me down that path and though I’m afraid I’m still walking that (transition) direction.

    It would be nice to read your book about what you described above. I’m stuck right now in MHB in the chapter about SOs. It’s a personal guilt thing, but I can talk about that on the forum. I just wanted to wish you the best with your new book! :).


  5. Can’t wait to read it.

    I did a film a year or so ago called Boy Meets Girl. It was a project produced by a woman at Ramapo College. 22 minutes, just like a television show. In fact, she is working in NYC now, something with TV production. I can get you a tape (VHS) if you’d like…


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