Update on Murdered CD Doctor

I’d previously reported on the murder of a crossdressing doctor, back on October 11th, and wanted to post an update now that the ruling came through: Dr. Binenfield’s killer got 20 years.

Happy Halloween!

Ah, the official holiday of the crossdressed: good luck to all of you who are out there pretending not to be good at it this year! Usually Betty and I are usually gung-ho about Halloween, but this year 1) I… Continue Reading

The Return of Friday Cat Blog (on Saturday)

It looks peaceful, but this lasts about 2 minutes at a time. Ah, what a Brooklyn backyard looks like!

Eating It, Too

It turns our perjury really is a bad thing to do. Happy Fitzmas, everyone!

Five Questions With… Abigail Garner

Abigail Garner is a writer, speaker and educator who is dedicated to a future of equality for LGBT families and communities. She speaks from her own experience of having a gay dad who came out to her when she was… Continue Reading

Thank You, Rosa

She was always one of my favorite models for activism – not someone out to change the world, not someone out for the power & the glory, just a woman who’d had enough. Thank you, Rosa.

Please Donate

If you like the message boards, or this blog, please donate what you can so we can keep doing what we do. Thanks, Helen & Betty

Under the Slide

The other night I attended a lecture by Arlene Istar Lev, author of Transgender Emergence and a respected therapist who aside from being an out lesbian herself, has worked with trans people for a long time. Likewise, she had originally… Continue Reading

The Next Book

It just occurred to me that not all of you would know that you were missing some info about my next book by *not* reading Damian McNicholl’s interview with me. The last question he asked was: DMN: Are you working… Continue Reading

Boards Upgrade

The (en) gender message boards have been upgraded, and all went well. As far as we know right now, at least. Optimistically, Helen & Betty

Damian McNicholl: Banishing Cockroaches

I interviewed Damian McNicholl, author of Lambda-nominated A Son Called Gabriel, and now he’s gone and returned the favor by putting up an interview with me on his blog. He’s also included some of his own thoughts about My Husband… Continue Reading

Baby Bear

Tonight it was brought to my attention that a CD in the online group A Crossdresser’s Secret Garden had warned another CD that my book was too heavy on the issues surrounding transition, and so recommended Peggy Rudd’s book My… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Melanie and Dr. Peggy Rudd

Peggy Rudd is the author of My Husband Wears My Clothes as well as other titles about crossdressing. She was the first wife to write about the experience of being married to a crossdresser, and Melanie Rudd is her crossdressing… Continue Reading

Board Upgrade

Betty is planning to update the message boards in the next 48 hours, so please read her announcement about it.

Victoria’s (Still) Dirty Secret

It seems that Victoria’s Secret is still using unrecycled papers for their 900,000 catalogs, and the folks at Forest Ethics are still pissed off. Their new ad is for the holiday season. You can donate money so they can afford… Continue Reading

Typical? Yes.

I received this email through one of the partners’ groups I’m in, and I thought it was a perfect articulation of the kind of thing I’ve heard happen over and over again. She called it “Bait and Switch” which is… Continue Reading

(en)Gender Consulting

Some of you may have noticed a new link in the right navigation of this page titled (en)Gender Consulting. I’ve decided to try this out for a few reasons. One is the very obvious time restraint. I expect to be… Continue Reading

A Boyd in the Hand

People ask me why I chose “Helen Boyd” for my pen name, and just tonight on the boards Andrea wondered if there was some connection to it being more “WASPy” than my given name, but no. I chose it for… Continue Reading

American Grrls

The AFA (American Family Association) and an anti-Choice group called The Pro-Life Action League (ugh) are boycotting the company American Girls for two reasons: 1) They are pro-Choice and pro-contraception. 2) They encourage support for girls dealing with sexual orientation… Continue Reading

MHB Group

I haven’t mentioned, and should have, that a group of couples who’ve met via these boards has started meeting once monthly at the GLBT Center. The meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month, from 8-10pm, and we split… Continue Reading