Tranny Drinking Games

Last night, the very lovely Crystal Frost was filming a documentary about transfolks that she’s been working on for the past year and a half. She prepared specific questions for me and Betty, good questions, about my erotica, about sexuality,… Continue Reading

Five Questions With… Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith, Transmissions columnist and originator of the Remembering Our Dead project, answers five questions. Thanks, Gwen, for being willing. 1) Since you’re famous for having created the TG Day of Remembrance, what do you think is the best thing… Continue Reading

Five Questions With…

I’m introducing a new feature to the blog called “Five Questions With…” in which I’ll ask someone in the trans community five questions that they answer. Kind of like mini-interviews. The first will be upcoming shortly, with Gwen Smith, Transmissions… Continue Reading

Why Bother?

But there’s something really wrong here. Women’s lives have not gotten better because they can show some cleavage and get some guy to buy them a drink. Continue Reading

20,000 hits?

This website and blog have received 20,000 hits in the past month alone. No wonder the cats are exhausted.

Sleepy Friday Cats

They’re feeling about as energetic as we are, today. But we have no boxes on the top of a file cabinet to curl up in like this. Really makes you wonder who they were in past lives, doesn’t it? I… Continue Reading

Please Donate

If anyone can donate this month, we’d really appreciate the help. Since I’ve been asked a few times recently if checks are okay – of course they are! There’s a snail mail address on the Donate page that’s linked to… Continue Reading

Trans Rockers

She’s what the trans-movement needs, and it’s almost pathetic that the trans conferences haven’t lined up to book her for every single trans conference in North America. She is a one-woman anthem, a powerful singer, and a great musician. To be honest, – and I don’t say this lightly – Lisa Jackson is the first tranny I’ve ever seen that made me think, “it’s good to be a chick.” Which is no small compliment, coming from me. Continue Reading

Paper Tiger

There have been more images than words in my blog this week: I’ve started working on the new book this week, despite not yet having a contract. Last I heard, four publishers are interested, which is good news indeed.

Vive La Revolution!

Happy Bastille Day, everyone! … and in the spirit of the revolution, let’s get Karl Rove to resign! (see below to sign the petition)

That Pudgy Bastard

Sign a petition to get President Bush to fire Karl Rove for outing an undercover operative. Yes, I really do hate Karl Rove that much.

Radical Right Christian?


As New Yorkers, Betty and I wanted to express our condolences for the good folks of London who have been attacked today. I don’t understand fucknuts who think that killing innocent people is a good way to communicate. I don’t,… Continue Reading

Our Old Friend Mike Bailey

Anyway, I’ve written a Letter to the Editor of the NYT, as has our own newish board member Megan Pickett, and I’d encourage more of you to do the same. You can send emails to, but remember two things: 1) less than 150 words, 2) include your full name, address, and phone #. Continue Reading

Cat on a Hot Black Chair

Happy Independence Day, Canadians and Americans!

Independence Daze

… and before I had time to put this up, and thank Canada for having the wisdom those of us below them don’t have, Spain went and legalized same-sex marriage as well.
Continue Reading