Why We Stay

I am pretty sure that a lot us simply don’t want to be single (again). We don’t want to live on what we can earn ourselves, because we’re still getting that 69 cents on a man’s dollar. Some don’t want to be single parents, and others are just plain used to their partners. Continue Reading

Sex & the Shingled Girl

It turned out, after two bad diagnoses, that what I had was shingles. This is a medieval illness, a virus that causes extreme pain, pox marks, and more extreme pain. You can only get it if you’ve had chicken pox… Continue Reading

The Only Times

Betty & I have been separated very rarely – at least for an overnight – in our seven years together. Once for a performance of her acting company in PA, and then again in February for an NCTE Board Meeting,… Continue Reading

Kitty in a Window

Aeneas watching Betty leave for the NCTE Board meeting in DC. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

To the Lady Minna

I got the news this past weekend that one of the SOs (half of one of the couples) I interviewed for the book passed away this past Sunday, May 15th, after two years of battling breast cancer. She was 40… Continue Reading

The Nuclear Option

From MoveOn.org: This is it — they’ve pulled the trigger. On Tuesday May 24th, the Senate will vote on a motion to end debate on judicial nominations, and when that motion fails Senator Bill Frist will launch the “nuclear option”… Continue Reading

New Board Confusion

Since the new boards have caused some confusion, I need to explain that Betty and I decided to start fresh with the new boards, which means: everyone has to register again everyone will have 0 (zero) posts, and “beginner” avatars… Continue Reading

New Message Boards

After that awful hacking we took, Betty & I decided it was time to start fresh, and we’ve got the new boards up and running. So please come join us – the water’s fine. Helen & Betty

Voices of New York

Last night I had the pleasure of reading with 7 other Lammy nominees at the Center, and it was a very cool event. (Aaron Krach, author of Half-Life, commented that he wished all readings had been like last night’s: five… Continue Reading

Glamourous Friday Cat

Here’s me at my desk, trying to work, with Aeneas telling me its time to take a break. Or feed him. Or scratch him. But enough of the gender stuff, mom.


we got hacked, and we got hacked bad. the database of all the posts is gone, empty, zero. betty has a backup at work from a few months ago, which we’ll eventually put back up as a searchable database, and… Continue Reading

While the Boards are Down…

… you can check out this new project by the Museum of Sex. Intriguing, and nice piano music while it’s loading. It’d be a great idea to get some samples of trans/crossdressed/genderqueer sex into the story collection. Here’s more about… Continue Reading

Hacked Again

I think the MHB message boards have been hacked again. Stay tuned for more details, and apologies. I hate these creeps.

Lambda Literary Awards – Finalist Reading

I’ll be reading this Thursday, May 19th, as part of the Lambda Literary reading for Awards’ Finalists, starting at 7 PM, at the Center. Here’s the complete bill: Mickey Small – Up All Night Perry Brass – Serendipity Gary Zebrun… Continue Reading

Please Donate

If you can, please donate this month to help keep the boards running. I’m also still collecting money to help buy Lambda Lit Gala tickets for us and James Green and his partner Heidi. Helen

Happy Birthday to Us!

Betty and I are both turning 36 today – yes, same day, same year. Us, and Little Stevie Wonder. So go on, put on a copy of Sir Duke, really loud, and sing along: Music is a world within itself… Continue Reading

Rape Crisis Center fights judge’s order to talk about woman it counseled

Rape Crisis Center fights judge’s order to talk about woman it counseled Last Update: 05/08/2005 2:46:35 PM By: Associated Press SANTA FE (AP) – A New Mexico judge has ordered two rape crisis center workers to reveal information about a… Continue Reading

Apologies Again

Apologies once again for not being where I was supposed to be; I’d been looking forward to being on a plenary panel this morning with Eli Clare, Yosenio Lewis, and Betsy Driver to talk about “Alliances, Umbrellas, Coalitions?” in the… Continue Reading

CLAGS Conference

Tomorrow and Friday are the CLAGS (CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies) Conference on Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice: May 6-7, 2005 Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) Graduate Center, CUNY New York, NY Join us to… Continue Reading


Apologies to Lambda Lit, my fellow readers in DC, and anyone who intended to go/went to the reading tonight to see me: I’ve spent the day in our local emergency room trying to find out what’s wrong. I’m about to… Continue Reading