Guest Appearance

She recently got a question from a young woman who was confused by the hot sex she had with her boyfriend when they were both in French Maid outfits, so she turned to me. Continue Reading

Guest Author: Dana Johnson

One of the reasons it’s better to live this way than as a man is that I get brief windows into what it would be like if everybody just agreed with me that, yes, I am a woman. These windows are called “passing”. Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to all you who celebrate it (and thanks to the Pagans for the eggs and bunnies).

Received Wisdom

So what are trannies really doing when they dress slutty? Continue Reading

The Sanctity of Marriage

Isn’t being able to make this kind of decision what they’re trying to keep gays and lesbians from? Continue Reading

Are You a Yale Alum?

I’m looking for Yale alum who identify as trans, or who are interested in helping promote trans awareness at Yale. Continue Reading

Our Boy Overseas

And then he mentioned that he’s an Army truck driver in Iraq, who parents made him join because it would do him “a world of good.” Continue Reading

Website Re-Design

In about a week, Betty and I will unveil the new website design for, including the new name for my blog. Continue Reading

Couples’ Night

Since around November, a group of couples has been getting together on Friday or Saturday nights for dinner. Continue Reading

My Best Audience

In a few short days, he went from female to male to eunuch (but he’ll always be a princess to me). Continue Reading

Helen & Betty on Canadian Bravo

Hey Canadians! Our “lust lit” episode of Richler Ink is going to be on Bravo in Canada on March 17th, at 10pm: For the actual listing, check out Helen & Betty on Richler Ink


What I realized is that in some ways, this is my connection to crossdressers: of being gender variant in a heterosexual context. Continue Reading

Transvestites and Terminology, Redux

Do we need to be righteously angry and insulting in order to get our point across? Continue Reading


The only problem is, I don’t see how the use of ‘crossdresser’ over transvestite really changes people’s minds; I can’t imagine any word that would describe a man dressing as a woman that wouldn’t be offensive to someone – especially to people who don’t like any kind of boundary-crossing, much less crossing the boundaries of sex or gender. Continue Reading

Friday Cat Blogging

Friday Cat Blogging, for those of you who don’t know, has become a tradition of the lefty blogosphere. Continue Reading

Sneak Preview

Mariette’s book The Gender Frontier is also up for a Lammy (against MHB, unfortunately) but she is the official/unofficial photographer of the transgendered. Continue Reading

Donate, SVP

If you can, please donate to help offset the costs of maintaing the site, our outreach, and my time. Continue Reading


Thank you to the TIC committee, to Tim Shiner, David Houston, Leslie Feinberg, Jill Barkley, and to all the others who welcomed us and who thanked us for our work. I have never felt such a strong sense of community, inclusiveness, and joy – despite all the shared suffering. Continue Reading


At one point, one of the female students started to try to ask about Betty’s anatomy, and Betty clarified, “you mean my dick?” Laughing added to the relaxation, and after that, the questions about Betty’s sexuality – and mine – started coming. Continue Reading