Happy Halloween!

It’s the unofficial TG holiday – so have a very, very happy halloween everyone! (Imagine all the CDs who are going out en femme for the very first time this weekend!) This is us from last year, as two of… Continue Reading


Check it out: Betty Castor (who’s running for a Senate seat in Florida) has fans called Bettyheads! You can make a donation to this cool lady’s campaign, and make sure you tell them you’re a different kind of Betty-head!

First Class

I’ve gotten the good news today that the first class (that I know of) will be using MHB as a text for an undergraduate class. The class is called “Social Organization” and it’s being taught at the University of Vermont.… Continue Reading

A Genuine Blog Entry

Maybe it’s fall, or maybe it’s because I spoke with my mother today, or still yet it may be that I’m facing the ‘wrap-up’ of the so-called “tour” for My Husband Betty, but I’ve been somewhat circumspect about the experience… Continue Reading

Kate Bornstein survey

Kate Bornstein is working on a new book about teen suicide. You can find her questions and her directions for sending your answers to here on the MHB message boards.

New Yahoo! Group for CD/TG Couples

Since I started CDOD back in February 2000, much has changed. Because Yahoo! is sometimes idiotic, it’s impossible for me to re-open CDOD to new members, and without new members, a group gets too stagnant to be of much help… Continue Reading

WLIW showing “In the Life”

For the very last time, our episode of PBS’ GLBT news magazine show “In the Life” will be airing: Monday, October 4th, midnight, WLIW. Do check it out!