I recently read an article by Chip Johnson of the SF Chronicle on the responsibility TG women have to disclose their transgender history with potential partners, and it occurred to me that the one thing I haven’t yet read about… Continue Reading

SF Chronicle article on Gwen Araujo & deception

No issue of sexual deception Gwen Araujo was just who she was Dylan Vade Sunday, May 30, 2004 link” Don’t talk to me about deception. Gwen Araujo, a beautiful young transgender woman, was brutally beaten to death the fall of… Continue Reading

NY LGBT Film Festival: Trans-film

A few of the films playing at the SF Int’l GLBT Film Festival are playing here in NY next week, too. For information, tickets, memberships and descriptions, check

Third Gender (Muxe) in Mexico The Third Gender By JULIE PECHEUR Photo by Julie Pecheur In the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, some children are born neither boys nor girls.They are muxe. Under the still fiery rays of the late… Continue Reading

New York Times To Protect Trans Workers From Discrimination

New York Times To Protect Trans Workers From Discrimination by Beth Shapiro Newscenter New York Bureau May 26, 2004 (New York City) The New York Times has announced it will add “gender identity or expression” to the nondiscrimination… Continue Reading

UK: Sex change birth certificate legislation approved

link Sex change birth certificate legislation approved May 27 2004 A Birmingham MP has celebrated victory in a ten-year campaign to win new rights for people who have a sex change. Transsexuals will now be able to demand new birth… Continue Reading

A Non-Partisan Plea

Dear Judith, In order for your vote to affect the outcome of this election, it must be counted. As November nears we must act now to ensure that our voting systems produce accurate and verifiable results. Right now, some states… Continue Reading

Betty’s Next Performance!

Betty will be performing two roles (one en femme, one as a male) in the next Butch McCloud, this Memorial Day weekend! check for more info!

NY TG Bathroom case Uphold New York Gender Identity Protections Court Urged by Newscenter Staff Posted: May 19, 2004 8:02 pm. ET (New York City) In the first transgender discrimination case to reach a New York state appeals court, the American Civil… Continue Reading

New Review/New Interview

There’s a new review of my book up at and a new interview with me at – you have to scroll down a bit to find Gianna Israel’s Gender Articles column.

Olympics okays TS athletes

IOC clears transsexuals for competition Associated Press Posted: 18 hours ago LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) – Transsexuals have been cleared to compete in the Olympics for the first time. Under a proposal approved Monday by the IOC executive board, athletes who… Continue Reading

The latest on Eddie Izzard Izzard to star in his own life story 7.02PM, Sun May 16 2004 Comedian Eddie Izzard is making a feature-length documentary about his life. Cameras have been following cross-dressing Eddie for the past three years in preparation of the… Continue Reading

Transgender Veterans

The Transgender Americans Veterans Association recently visited DC and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Here’s Phyllis Frye’s report from Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Cry TG veterans lay wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier… Continue Reading

‘As Nature Made Him’

Gender change victim dies WINNIPEG – A man who was born a boy but raised as a girl in a famous nurture-versus-nature experiment has died at age 38. David Reimer, who shared his story about his botched circumcision in the… Continue Reading

Two TV shows this week

On Monday, May 10th, Entertainment Tonight is doing something about crossdressing, although even the participants don’t know exactly what. They stopped by Ina’s Silver Swan to film on May 1st, and also filmed at Fairplay (the transformation salon) in Staten… Continue Reading

Mother’s Day

‘In the Name of Womanhood and Humanity…’ By Geov Parrish, May 6, 2004 Last year in this space, I took the occasion of an upcoming Mother’s Day weekend to reprint the 1870 call by American poet and women’s leader… Continue Reading

Rainbow Mountain CD/TG Weekend

I’ll be reading at Rainbow Mountain the weekend of May 21 – 23, and I hope tons of you can come! For those who can’t stay, I’m sure you could come just for the reading (and maybe stay for dinner,… Continue Reading

Good Article on Intersex

Gender blending by By Will Evans — Sacramento Bee on 28 April 2004 David Cameron feels neither completely male nor female. Born with male genitalia, Cameron began growing breasts during puberty and didn’t sprout chest hair until testosterone treatment kicked… Continue Reading

UCLA Doctor on Sex Identity,1,4766046.story COMMENTARY Gender Blender Intersexual? Transsexual? Male, female aren’t so easy to define By Eric Vilain, Eric Vilain is chief of medical genetics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. This was the moment of truth. The ultimate… Continue Reading

The Gwen Araujo Memorial Fund for Transgender Education

Murder of Gwen Araujo Spurs Philanthropic Fund Contact: Julie Dorf Director of Philanthropic Services 415-398-2333 ext. 103 Date: March 8, 2004 For Immediate Release SAN FRANCISCO – With the Gwen Araujo murder trial set to begin on March 15, Gwen’s… Continue Reading