This Week’s Action – 4/26/04

Lobby Days: NTAC & GPAC This week, two groups representing transgendered people are lobbying DC about our issues. NTAC (National Transgender Advocacy Coalition) describes its mission as follows: NTAC’s 2004 lobbying event will take place from April 28th through April… Continue Reading

Transgender Veterans March

Transgendered people have served proudly in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard during war and peace time. It is time to show how proud you are to have served in the US Armed Forces and how proud… Continue Reading

“The Opposite Sex” – Showtime documentary

From The Advocate, May 11, 2004 The Opposite Sex, a two-part Showtime documentary, begins with the gripping journey of trans man Rene Pena, a God-fearing, married truck driver By Christopher Lisotta The Opposite Sex: Rene’s Story opens with documentary subject… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action – 4/19/04

Day of Silence: 4/21/04

En Femme Getaway

Betty & I will be at the En Femme Getaway for the next six days. I’ll be back with more news and a report on our trip after 4/27! In case you don’t know about it, here’s a link to… Continue Reading

TG Kickboxer – “Beautiful Boxer”

Film Tells of Kickboxer Who Had Sex Change Fri Apr 16, 7:54 AM SINGAPORE – A film about a real-life champion Thai kickboxer who hung up his gloves to undergo a sex change operation has meant more than box-office receipts… Continue Reading

13-year-old Australian FTM

A series of 5 articles related to a recent Australian court decision permitting a 13-year old ftm transsexual to take medication to slow the effects of puberty, and to take testosterone when he is older. The third article is of… Continue Reading

TG News: Miami legislation

An article about TG identity within the GLBT, and fights to get protective legislation, in Miami, published in the Sun Sentinel

TG News from Houston

One article about NTAC’s upcoming lobbying efforts on behalf of the TG Community in Washington DC. Another about TG prostitutes and efforts to keep them safe and get them off the street. And a third about the TG women who… Continue Reading

Updates on Gwen Araujo Case

From the Advocate From the San Diego Union Tribune From

Chris Kahrl, TG sportswriter

From the Washington Blade OUT IN SPORTS Throwing a curveball Chris Kahrl, the transgendered co-author of the annual Baseball Prospectus, is finding life outside the closet rewarding. Friday, April 09, 2004 FOR MORE THAN A decade, Chris Kahrl has turned… Continue Reading

Gender- bender teen shot in B’klyn

Gender- bender teen shot in B’klyn By CELESTE KATZ and GREG GITTRICH DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS A 20-year-old Brooklyn man shot a teenage transvestite four times – capping their illicit pre-dawn encounter with gunfire after discovering the youth was a… Continue Reading

NBC poll on crossdressing

NBC is running a poll as to whether a person being a crossdresser would affect your vote – & right now, the people who wouldn’t vote for a CD are winning! C’mon, folks, let’s turn this around! Vote NO!

Trans-Partners forum at GLBT Center/NY

Tuesday, June 8 7 – 9 pm The Center’s Public Policy Committee, Center Kids, and the Gender Identity Project present a forum on the challgnes facing individuals who are, or have been, or seek to be in relationships or partnerships… Continue Reading

This Week’s Action – 4/5/04

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on Tuesday photographs of candidate Sam Walls dressed in women’s clothes have circulated among political leaders in Johnson County, south of Fort Worth. Local Republican leaders confirmed separately that they had seen the photographs of… Continue Reading

11 Stories about Crossdressing

An online magazine called The Morning News has a great set of stories up about crossdressing, by a writer named Kevin Fanning. Do check them out. (thanks, gazingo!)


Lady Boys in Singapore and a South Dakota politican who is transitioning and the jury selection process in the Gwen Araujo case

Doug Wright wins Pulitzer

I think the headlines all should have read, Gay Playwright Wins Pulitzer for Play about Transvestite Doug Wright, who wrote the play, “I Am My Own Wife,” won the Pulitzer a couple of days ago. (There goes my chance of… Continue Reading

Betty onstage!

Betty is making her stage debut en femme, and it’d be lovely to see some of you there! For more info

Join the IFGE

We just came back from the 2004 IFGE Conference, and we absolutely loved it! Lots of smart folks on hand to ask questions of (Richard Docter, Vern Bullough), activists to get inspired by (Hawk Stone, Holly Boswell, Angela Brightfeather), amazing… Continue Reading